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[TENNIS TRADING] What Causes Market Movement In Tennis?

So the first video in the tennis trading youtube series is UP!

I wanted to start right at the beginning and give you all a good understanding of how the tennis markets work on Betfair.

And so this video will show you what moves the markets during an in-play tennis match on the betting exchange.

You will learn the SIX key things that move the market with lots of detail about the main BIG thing that causes market movement in a tennis match.

During a typical tennis match you will see the odds bouncing around all over the place and it might seem random at first but it can all be explained in a very simple way.

We will look at the effect of game points, break points and set points on the tennis odds movement. If you are new to this you might be surprised to discover what has the biggest impact of all of them.

There is also a typical newbie mistake revealed that you can easily avoid!

So sit back, watch the video and soon you will know ALL about how those tennis markets work, and this will give you ideas about how YOU can profit from it!



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