Blast From The Past – Trading For The Sake Of It

It has been a quiet week for top quality sporting action and with a whole load of Internation friendly matches in the football ahead it isnt going to get any better for another week at least.

So with not much of note to report on, I thought it was time for another Blast from The Past Post. If you are new to this blog then you might have missed out on some really great posts and I have jumped in my time machine to bring one back up from December 2010.

This explains just why you shouldnt trade for the sake of trading and its obviously very relevant with the International break happening right now.

So have a read, I will be back on Monday with news about the forthcoming book “Totally, Crazy Gambling Stories” and we will round up the weekends action too.

P.S I have had emails about Total Tennis Trading as many missed out on buying it. As you know, we kept our word and removed it from sale but if you want to be notified as soon as it is back available then check out this page here.




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