UFT Announcement #2 – Six Figure Football Trader

So, this is #2 of 3 big Ultimate Football Trading announcements this week and this is definitely a BIG one. (as they all are!)

If you missed announcement one then CLICK HERE to see it.

And this is to announce the inclusion of…

The Six Figure Football Trader

Interested in becoming a FULL TIME football trader? Or to hit 6 figure per year profit levels?

This is the training for you!

When I started Ultimate Football Trading back in 2018 the main aim was to help newbies and those at a beginner level.

However, in that time there have been a fair few members get to the level of wanting to go full time with it.

There are also many who join who have the sole intention of going full time with football trading.

Yet we didn’t have any sort of content or guidance to help them on the way.

And there isn’t much online either.

So I am excited to include this NEW extra bonus to the UFT super course which will help put you on that path towards becoming a full time or 6 figure football trader.

Why 6 figures?

Well, I often feel a lot of people don’t think big enough with this and don’t have the belief in them to achieve those numbers.

I want current members and anyone new to UFT to now be doing this with an aim to make 6 figures per year and £100,000 as a minimum.

So that is why this training will set that amount as a target and will show you how to realistically get there.

Once you see it mapped out, it should all seem much easier to achieve and you can have something to work towards.

This training is designed to be watched and followed at different stages of your football trading career.

You should watch this as a beginner and also once you start to progress so you know what steps to take.

We look closely at the bank required to hit your goals, how to go about quitting your job and the mental pressures associated.

This training should prove to be both inspiring and practical as well as putting you on a path to achieving your goals.

Anyway, this is just a quick preview, best thing is to dive in and check it out for yourself.

For current UFT members this will be LIVE in your account (no extra charges) this Friday October 1 so login and check it out then. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!

If you are interested in joining UFT, you can get on the waiting list here. Doors open to new members on Friday October 1. 6 Figure Football Trader WILL be included as a welcome gift for those who sign up this Friday.


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