The “Combo Tipster” Strategy

combo tipster strategyWe have Peter from The Secret Betting Club join us to share some professional betting advice with the STL readers. Enjoy!

Recently we released a brand new, bumper issue of the SBC magazine, which contains an article that has taken the football betting world by storm.

This is because it reveals how in one easy step you can totally transform your football betting by identifying the best, most profitable football tips.

Our analysis has revealed a method that in the example below made a near-5-fold increase in ROI from 3.1% to 15.3% by making some simple changes!

Interested in finding out more? Thought so! Let me explain…

When ‘Great Tipster Minds’ Collide

Fools may seldom differ, but great minds think alike.
Here at the SBC we’re pretty sure that when it comes to our best performing football tipsters, they very much fall into the ‘Great Minds’ category, especially when you consider their long-term profitability.

They clearly have the ability to successfully identify value in the betting markets. Certainly not the work of fools!

Here’s another aphorism for you: two heads are better than one.

Let’s imagine for a moment, that you have access to a panel of the sharpest football betting brains in the business. (No not you, Robbie Savage). They each run their own proven prediction models to churn out what they consider to be the best value bets each week.

Naturally there are times when two or more of these experts agree with each other on the best tips.

Surely, if a number of our specialists arrive at the same conclusion in terms of where we should put our hard earned, then our confidence in that particular selection should go up?

As Oscar Wilde might have said, for one person to identify value in a bet may be regarded as a rick, but for two or more to identify value, that may be regarded as being onto something!

And do you know what? He’d be right. We think we are onto something, and in the latest SBC Betting Magazine…We examined what happened when tips selected by two or more from a panel of four of our very best football tipsters/systems happened to agree.

Putting the ‘Combo Tipster’ strategy into practice

We are calling it the ‘Combo Tipster’ strategy and its findings have made big waves in the football betting world. As part of our research we chose four proven tipsters that each produce a decent number of bets each season across the English leagues and analysed data collected over three full seasons.

One of the systems we used is available to SBC members completely free of charge – the renowned Fink Tank System.

We then took 1 of the 3 other tipsters from our analysis (for now we will call them Service X) and ran some stats. We removed all bets where they had picked the same tip and isolated those bets where they had completely different tips from each other.

Here are the results, which indicate a decent if not mind-blowing set of figures with a combined ROI of 3.13%…


But yet when we look at those tips where they both independently gave the same tip – this is where it really gets interesting as the table below reveals a 15.3% combined ROI.


Our findings revealed that by isolating the best 304 bets, this was clearly where the majority of profit could be derived. 15.3% ROI vs. 3.13% tells its own story – almost a 5-fold increase.

Focusing in on those duplicate bets would clearly improve your edge, and this was a pattern repeated across all our studies.

Combining another tipster – Service Y with the Fink Tank revealed a similar pattern with the ROI going up from 4.05% if backing ‘individual bets’ to a whopping 19.6% ROI from combined bets.

Supercharge Your Profits With The Best of Both Worlds

Any balanced portfolio of betting services needs diversification. We understand the need to spread our risk across different sports, different leagues, and different individual tipster methodologies, but we also know that there is often more than one way to skin a cat.

What we have here between The Fink Tank and Service X is synergy, and that synergy can be harnessed to supercharge your profits.

The Fink Tank has the lowest strike rate of winning bets, and the longest average odds, of all four services that make up our team of excellence. Service X, on the other hand, has a higher strike rate, and operates at a much shorter odds range. By combining the two, you can see that we’re getting the best of both worlds – the longer prices and a higher strike rate.

The knock-on effect is massive. We achieve far greater consistency in our results, make our path to making profit much smoother, and make a lot more money!

You can read about all of this and a lot more in our ‘Combo Tipster’ article, available now in the latest SBC magazine.

Why not read more on how we can help your betting and benefit from our risk-free money back guarantee at the same time?

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