How To Profit When Injuries Happen In-play

Sergio Agüero Manchester CityThere are opportunities everywhere in football trading but sometimes you have to be quite on the ball to spot them.

A particular scenario happened at the weekend which does not happen often but when it does you have a great risk-free opportunity at profiting.

In the first 10 minutes of the Man City-Everton match you saw Man City’s star striker Sergio Aguero go down and stay down. This was a great opportunity since if the injury was serious and he would have to come off then you can be sure the price on Man City will drift.

In this case, Man City were trading @ 1.50 when Aguero first went down and that price stayed like that for a short while. It was certainly long enough to get your money in the market as the medical team began treating him.

He was taken off the pitch and it became apparent he was going to be subbbed off. In the meantime, Man City’s price shot out to 1.70. 20 ticks gained in just a few minutes for almost zero risk.

The main reason was this so low risk is that even if Aguero turned out to be fine and went back on the pitch then it is not likely that Man City’s price would have shortened, it would have stayed the same.

There were a couple of minutes of play while Aguero was being treated but if you were worried about Man City scoring in that time then you shouldn’t be. When a team goes down to ten men temporarily then they very rarely launch an attack. They will look to keep the ball in that time until their full team is restored. If anything, it is more likely that the opposing team will score in that time since they have a man advantage which would have caused an even greater drift.

So the moral of the story is that you can not do much harm by just laying the team that has picked up an injury if it is to a key player. It does not happen often but when it does it could be some of the easiest money you ever make on Betfair.

Check the chart below to see the drift!

man city aguero drift



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