Before Betfair Was Invented…

a-blast-from-the-pastIf you are quite new to Sports Trading Life you will have probably missed a really fun series of posts from last Summer that were part of a series called “Before Betfair”. I have now listed all the articles on this same page so they can all easily be found and they are definitely worth a good re-read even if you read them the first time.

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Here are the details again….

Since Betfair was invented in 2001 this means we can only imagine how some of the historic betting events would have played out if they had been in-play. This is a light hearted look at how we feel the markets would have reacted to some of the great sporting events that happened before Betfair was invented. The prices are based on similar matches that have happened since and the article is written as if the event was only yesterday….

These are all cracking reads and might bring back some great memories for some!

Man City Vs Gillingham 1999

France Vs Italy 2000

Bayern Munich Vs Man Utd 1999

Liverpool Vs Newcastle 1996

Liverpool Vs Arsenal 1989


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