Hart Stopper

Well the Europa League trading last night was certainly fun.

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As I mentioned yesterday I was keeping a close eye on the “To Qualify” market to look for opportunities and just learn this market more in general. In all honesty, nothing noteworthy happened as most of the favourites qualified without a hitch apart from Olympiakos who traded as low as 1.01 before Metalist nicked the tie with 2 late away goals.

It seems all the drama was saved for events at the Etihad stadium.

I was watching the second half of the Man City-Lisbon match and with Lisbon leading 0-3 on aggregate they were trading @ 1.01/1.02 to qualify. With about 40 minutes left, I fancied Man City would score at least one and I could get the chance to lay Lisbon and remove my liability at some point, whilst going for a big win if Man City managed to pull off the great escape.

So I went in and layed Lisbon @ 1.02 for £150 and a £3 risk.

Almost as soon as I had been matched, Aguero pulled one back for City and that left the Citizens needing 3 more goals to qualify. I was now able to remove my liability and had a free £100 worth of green sitting on the Man City qualification.

From that point there wasn’t much else to do but sit back and hope for a grand stand finish. Balotelli made it 2-3 from the penalty spot and Aguero pulled another one back in the 83rd minute to make it 3-3 on aggregate and City needing one more goal to qualify.

I know most traders would have greened up by that point but my style is to always try and go for those bigger wins and to “race your profits”.

So, I made sure I made at least £10 by laying some of the Man City green off after the 3rd goal and left myself with a free bet of £77 sitting on City.

That wouldn’t have been a bad return for an initial investment of just £3!

You can only imagine the thoughts going through my mind when Joe Hart went up for that header in the last minute of injury time and missed by inches.

Pulling off these “long shot” trades sure feels great when it does come off. I would have been dancing around the living room if it did come off. This isn’t because of the money since £77 isn’t going to help me retire anytime soon but purely for the audacity of taking on such low odds and winning.

I have often said that sometimes trading is just as much about ego as it is about money and that’s certainly right. Its odd how I can win a regular trade for much more money and not bat an eyelid but winning a cheeky lay at low odds will get an Andy Murray style “Come On” and a fist pump at the TV/Laptop screen!

The life of a sports trader is certainly not for the feint hart-ed!


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