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Federer Backers Let Off The Hook

Close call for the Federer backers….

Federer started the match as 1.10 favourite. This is a curious price since, technically, the market probably has it right in that he is a 90% favourite but from a trading perspective there is a huge upside and, over 5 sets, a very good chance it will trade higher in-play.

After winning the 1st set Federer was matched as low as 1.02 during set 2. Yet again, this is a curious price. Federer still has to win 2 more sets for victory so you definitely get the feeling that the price is a little bit lower then it should be. Again, the price might be right for the Federer victory at this point however with at least 2 more sets left to play then there is still a good possibility that the price on offer will trade higher.

In this case it did trade higher.

A lot higher in fact.

Simon won the next 2 sets and Federer drifted out to as high as 2 in the markets. Plenty of ticks available to be gained if you decide to lay Federer at any of the prices below 1.10. As we know Federer managed to pull it out the bag as he usually does but matches like this do highlight the possibilities within the tennis trading markets.

There was one point where over £2 million had been matched on Federer from 1.07 down to 1.02 which would have really meant that the final set was a nail biting one for the backers who did not trade out.

Federer Simon French Open



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