/ / Monfils 1.01 French Open Gubbing

Monfils 1.01 French Open Gubbing

I did say that matches involving Monfils are anything but dull and this proved to be the point once again on Friday.

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Monfils was a 1.01 victim as Robredo came back from the dead to rob the frenchman infront of his home fans.

Monfils traded down to 1.01 for over £76k when serving for the match. He ended up missing 4 match points and also losing his serve, before losing the set in what was the beginning of an epic collapse.

Monfils is certainly not the type of player you want to backing @ 1.01 no matter how many points ahead he is.  Even when Monfils was 2-0 up going into the 3rd set he was priced @ 1.15 which looked dangerously low considering you have to expect he would drop at least one set in the match.

There is a lot of talk about some matches being a traders dreams while it is also another traders nightmare. Well, if you were backing Monfils at those short odds then you certainly would have had a nightmare on this one and you might want to rethink your tennis trading strategy.

In the end, Robredo was backed as high as 95 on this!

robredo v monfils


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