4 Things You Can Learn From “Dynamic Tennis Trading”

 DTT logo WhiteI am still digesting all the great information that is available within the Dynamic Tennis Trading package. I have read plenty of great feedback so far and I am in much agreement with the comments.

 I know some are not totally sure if this is the package for them but here are 4 things I guarantee you will learn from the package apart from the obvious 5 strategies that are included…

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How To Be Dynamic

 As the name of the product package states this is all about DYNAMIC tennis trading as opposed to trading mechanically. Peter is a firm believer that every in-play trade is different since you are dealing with different scenarios, conditions, players and prices. Therefore, there can not be “one strategy that fits all” and certainly not one that you can execute by sticking solely to trading rules. These days you really do have to be active in the markets and also “reactive” to the events that are unfolding in front of you.

 If you enter a trade thinking something is going to happen but then the signs point to this thing not happening, do you stick to the rules of the strategy? Or do you adapt your game plan according to the situation? These days it needs to be the latter!

 A Unique Trading Style

 Along with being Dynamic you will also learn a very unique trading style. Peter explains his trading style is very heavily influenced by his friend who does day trading and he has applied it to the tennis markets on Betfair. From reading through the trading examples it seems to be that Peter is a swing trader in that he is looking for a big price swing but he also uses scalping along the way to lower the overall risk of the trade. Very interesting to observe and a refreshing change from simple back to lay or lay to back style trading.

 Key Tennis Trading Entry Points

 Each strategy is actually just a key entry point into the market within a tennis match. Even if you do not totally follow the same trading style you will still discover low risk times to enter the markets when the downside can be minimal but the upside can be maximal. If you want to do well with trading tennis then these entry points are essential for anyone.

 The Thought Process Of a Pro

 Lastly, the best part is that you get to follow real life trades on a point by point basis with the commentary from Peter as we go along. Within this you can really understand his thought process behind each trade. I certainly realised that he goes into every trade trying to get the biggest profit possible from it. He definitely does not exit out of trades too early or only grab small profits. If he feels there could be more profit to be made from a trade he will remain active and keep assessing his position with every passing point. Many newbies are almost scared of being in the market for too long or scared of being in a position of profit only to end up with nothing or a loss. So reading through this thought process should definitely be an epiphany for some.

 Use discount code STL20 to get a nice discount on Dynamic Tennis Trading, enter the code when checking out.

Link: https://sportstradinglife.com/dynamictennistrading



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