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Another One Bites The Dust!

I can not quite remember an opening week to Wimbledon like this. The early exit of Rafael Nadal has been added to with top seeds Tsonga, Azarenka and Sharapova exiting the competition in the 1st week also but all seemingly due to injury.

The Maria Sharapova exit was interesting in that she started the match against Larcher De Brito pretty close to 1.01 and was matched at that price early in the 1st set.

On paper this might seem fine and the “correct” price however if you saw how Sharapova played in her previous match against similar opposition then it was obvious something was not quite right with her this tournament. Then all you had to do was watch the opening service games to see that this match was a lot more even then the markets were implying.

It became apparent early in the 2nd set that Sharapova was injured and not at 100% which caused mayhem on the markets. Even when she called for the trainer her price was still 1.35 to lay, certainly worth a lay since the underdog was already one set up.

In the end, Larcher De Brito managed to put the match away but this was after starting the match at prices around the 50 mark. She actually touched as high as 60.

Sharapova gubbing wimbledon

Then later the same day, Federer bit the dust also. I finished early for the day and certainly did not anticipate that Federer would have any problems in this match so I was shocked when the news came through to me. Only a couple of million traded on him sub 1.10 as you can see…

All roads now point to an “obvious” Djokovic (2.20)-Murray (2.60) final but this has certainly been one of the strangest Wimbledon tournaments in recent memory for big name exits and if one of those two was to also get knocked out it really would not surprise me now.

Federer broken in the fourth set



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