Copa Gubbed!

copa america betfairInteresting night in the Copa America as both matches ended up being goal fests and thrillers! I took both the underdogs with a handicap and had one winner and one half stake loser which left me with a small profit for the evening, If only Brazil didn’t score that fourth goal!


Paraguay’s price drifted massively during the day yesterday, from 1.63 up to 1.85 at kick off. I did outline yesterday that they were way too short and perhaps the price was correcting itself.  Paraguay ended up drawing 3-3 in spectacular fashion after trading @ 1.01 going into the 89th minute. Venezuela scored twice in injury time to level the scores. It was strangely similar to a Premier League match between Everton and Man Utd last season when Everton managed to claw back from 3-1 down to 3-3 in the space of a few minutes. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter that Paraguay threw the lead away as they still advance to the next round, just not as group winners!


Venezuela are now through to the quarter finals but have also touched 1000-1 in the Copa America winners market with some traders obviously thinking that being 3-1 down, they were out of the tournament! They are now down to 95-1 to be the overall winner.


Brazil’s victory was actually a lot more comfortable then most predicted and perhaps they might just have found their form. Brazil’s price drifted slightly during the day from 1.29 up to 1.34 by kick off. They were way too short even at 1.34 but I guess they were due a win! Their match was on way too late for me but from the looks of the highlights it could have been more then the 4 goals Brazil got!




The Golf open starts today and I must admit to being slightly jealous that I don’t have good knowledge of this sport and so I won’t be trading it. I was speaking to one trader who says he regularly pulls in four figures from these tournaments mainly by backing long shots and laying as there price drops. The key is obviously knowing who to back and that is something I currently have no hope of doing! However, I will be watching this and many other golf tournaments with interest in an attempt to learn both the market and the sport overall!

Good luck to those trading this one!

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  1. I have just dabbled with my first ever Golf trading, only micro stakes mind.

    Reasoning, previous open performances and looking at what skills are needed to win at that course (accuracy and putting) so looked at the pga stats for people with good stats on those factors.


  2. Sounds like you have a plan there Simon! I will certainly be watching how the prices move and react to certain events with interest.

    Also, with the big prices on offer it does seem like you dont even need stakes that big too make a decent return.

    Let us all know how it goes come sunday!

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