Tennis Traders On Suicide Watch…

When a 1.01 is close to being gubbed the Betfair forum folk and the Twitterati will suggest those who backed at such low odds would be on “Suicide Watch”.

Well, I am sure the same was being said as Tennis heavyweight Novak Djokovic was beaten by Tomas Berdych after trading as low as 1.01 and for over £119k.

I wasn’t following this match as closely as I would have liked as there were other matches that were better for trading happening at the same time but I did glance over and was surprised at why Djokovic was priced so short against a player who has the potential to give any of the big 4 a hard game on his day.

For the record, Berdych was matched as high as 175 in-play.

We are approaching the peak of the tennis season and this certainly won’t be the only huge favourite turned over at low odds this summer that is for sure!




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