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The Ladbrokes Exchange WILL Combine With Betdaq

You may well be aware about all the buzz in the Betting Exchange world as the Ladbrokes Exchange nears its launch. If not then check this article here.

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This week it was confirmed that the Ladbrokes exchange will be using the same network as Betdaq. This is not really a huge surprise as most of us assumed that Ladbrokes would not be starting from scratch but it is good to have this news confirmed.

ladbrokes exchange

The positives from this is that we should see an instant liquidity boost on Betdaq when the launch happens which could make the Betdaq exchange a more viable alternative for current Betfair users.

I am pretty sure that Ladbrokes are not naive to think that their current userbase will just jump into the exchange and so I expect they already have some plans in place to get the liquidity going from the outset. Money attracts money right?

Interesting times ahead and you can keep up to date on all developments right here.

Watch this space, as they say…


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