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secret betting club reviewRecently, I have taken an inside look in The Secret Betting Club. I guess it won’t be much of a secret for much longer but the content inside it is brilliant. If you like what you read on this particular site then you will be in dreamland if you check out some of their cool gambling related content.

I managed to grab Pete for a quick chat about the SBC for those who were wondering what it is all about. He can sum it up much better then me as I am still working my way through all the classic content myself!

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So, just what is The Secret Betting Club?

Well the Secret Betting Club (or SBC as most members refer to us) is an independent reporter on what makes money betting and designed for the ordinary punter.

Primarily our role is reviewing and ranking tipster services, which we do each month through constant proofing and reports that we provide to our members. Recently our remit has also expanded into other areas such as choosing the right bookmakers, interviews with professional gamblers and topics like the best mobile phones and tablets for betting.

As everything we do is independent, we are one of the few outlets that is actually on the side of the punter and not the bookmaker.

What is your background and how long have you been running it?

Well for as long as I care to remember I have been betting and for the last decade I have been making money in doing so. There is a small team of us working at SBC and all of us are dedicated bettors, with plenty of success behind us so we don’t just report on it, we actually do it ourselves.
SBC was originally set up back in May 2006 so this month is our 7th year anniversary. We have seen plenty of others come and go during this time, so are proud to have stood the test of time.

If someone was to sign up today, what can they expect?

Well there is plenty to sink your teeth into straight away.

You can dive into reading our entire back catalogue of past tipster reviews (during our 7 years we have checked out literally hundreds of services) or read our betting expertise articles and pro gambler interviews.
We also have a number of profitable and ready-made systems for you to use and follow for free, with 1 each for football, racing and golf. All 3 of these have a proven history of betting success, having made a long-term profit for a number of years.

For those looking for the best possible grounding in how to make money betting, we also supply our 100+ page ‘Pro Gambler Blueprint’ for free to all new members. Its full of advice from professional gamblers on the foundations required for success and the pitfalls to avoid.

What is the Secret Betting Club forum like? Is it a busy one?

Everyone who joins SBC gets free access to our forum and so it does get quite busy. There are different sections to the forum, specifically designed to help you get what you want out of it.

If you are looking to share ideas, ask questions or to talk with others in the same boat as you, it’s a great place to start posting. Betting can be a lonely walk at times so talking about it with others who understand what you are going through can be a great help

We also have a thriving free tips area where you can find a number of long-running and profitable betting threads and systems that are updated daily. Some of these are from actual SBC members with others supplied by commercial services sharing their advice for free.

I have been very impressed with the SBC Magazines. Which big name gambling professionals have you had the pleasure of interviewing?

secret betting club discountWe have spoken with plenty of big names during our time, with the likes of the award winning betting writer Ed Hawkins (Betfair’s cricket tipster) and last month’s interview with top racing tipster Laurence Lambourn two I particularly enjoyed.

Sometimes it isn’t always the big names that reveal the most however as many of the best known people in this industry are full of hot air. They might talk a lot about betting, but wouldn’t know how to turn a profit from if it bit them on the backside!

That’s why some of our ‘lesser known’ interviews have gone down so well with a recent chat with a pro punter who is making 20k to 30k a year betting on tipsters particularly fascinating. Sometimes as well our interview subjects wish to remain anonymous, such as with our chat with an ex-bookmaker last month who was happy to spill the beans on what REALLY goes on behind the scenes.

Are the back issues available to new members?

Yep, all of them are available to download to all new members.

In your experience, how hard is it to find profitable tipsters and what are the usual profits that these tipsters produce?

It is hard to find profitable tipsters if you are a lone voice in the wilderness – something I hear time and again from SBC members after they join us. There are good ones out there (indeed we have over 20 in our Hall of Fame) but it’s taken us 7 years to find the truth on them and to track their records accurately.
Its not just profit levels that matter though as once you have found a winning tipster there is so much more to observe. How easy are their claimed odds to achieve for example? If you can’t match them, then you are done for – and this is the type of analysis we get stuck into. The practical consequences of following any tipster is very important to us.
The profit levels vary and we often like to judge them on a couple of key calculations – Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Capital (ROC) . These are two useful figures as it tells you how much you have to risk to make a profit (ROI) and the size of your betting bank growth (ROC).

The very best tipsters often have a ROI of around 30% (so for every £100 you stake, you win £30 on average) and a ROC of perhaps 200% per year (basically doubling your betting bank once a year). Some of our members bet full-time and make enough from it to live that way, whilst others are happy to do it part-time and build it up from there.

How much does it cost to become a member and how long does the subscription last?

At the moment it costs just £79 for a year’s membership to the service. This cost grants you access to not only the next 12 months content but also our entire back catalogue, plus free systems, forum and more besides. Importantly it also enables us to be fully independent so you can be assured what we state is always accurate.

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