5 Tennis Trading Myths

tennis trading mythsI get plenty of emails from people asking questions about getting involved with Tennis Trading and I see some interesting recurring themes popping up. I often have to respond and explain that they have misinterpreted something but it has led me to believe that are several Tennis Trading Myths around that need to be debunked. Here are 5 of them….

Tennis Trading Is Easy

It is easy to get the impression that Tennis Trading is easy and big profits will be instantly available at the click of a button. That is probably down to the fault of blogs that do not offer full insight into how to actually trade Tennis. There are some blogs where the author simply posts their profit and loss screen (usually with big profits) but then offers no insight into how it was actually achieved. The fact that these same blogs will rarely mention losses or the struggles of getting it right with tennis trading then it is easy to believe that this game is easy when it is anything but that. Tennis Trading is definitely not easy and there will be losses and down swings just like with any other form of trading.

 Every Match Is An Epic

Many get involved in Tennis Trading because they hear about the big market swings you can often get in some matches. This leads many to believe that EVERY tennis match ends up like this and this is far from the truth. There are plenty of days when you might get a few matches in a row that are steam trains down to 1.01 and do not offer much opportunity. There are plenty of matches that swing from side to side and see both players trade below 1.10 but do not expect that every time you sit down and trade tennis.

 Only Worth Trading Grand Slams

I often get emails from people who want to start learning how to trade tennis ahead of a big grand slam like Wimbledon or The US Open. Many of these people will just trade that tournament and depending on how it goes they then might just give the whole thing a miss since they feel the smaller tournaments offer less opportunities. In my experience, the opposite is true. I actually find the best opportunities pop up in the smaller tournaments with less prize money on offer.  The truth is that with less eyes on a match you are much more likely to spot prices that are simply wrong and also spot players that are just not up for it.

 Lay Low, Back High and You Will Win Easily

I have read forums where ignorant posters suggest Tennis Trading is just a simple case of lay low and then back high and a monkey could do it. The truth is that whilst laying low and backing high is probably the best way to trade tennis you still need to have reasoning. This article on tennis trading entry points is very useful for spotting when you should really be laying low. If you are going to give it a go then make sure you have a strategy!

 Courtsiders Have Killed The Value

On my travels around the world wide web I have seen it suggested that Tennis Trading is near impossible now as the Courtsiders are taking all the value. This does not quite make sense since it would obviously depend on your trading style. Those who trade by the side of the court will have a big advantage as they can hoover up the money in the market on a point by point basis. So if you want to try and trade like that from home then you stand no chance. However, most tennis traders now take slightly longer term positions during a match and might trade every few points or games waiting for the odds swing they are anticipating. This means it is very easy to co-exist alongside the courtsiders as long as you do not try and beat them at their own game.


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