Olympic Tennis: Murray Is Britain’s Golden Boy

The usual Tennis trading strategy of laying Andy Murray when he goes ahead in a match went out of the window as he emphatically won Gold for Great Britain in the Men’s Tennis.

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With Roger Federer the favourite @ 1.70 this might have been a price that looked like superb value considering it was only a month ago that Federer was 1.50 in the Wimbledon final against Murray and won that 3-1.

However, there were vital differences on this occasion.

A month ago, Federer was not playing in the final after completing a marathon 4 hour match and his marathon against Del Potro two days previous certainly appeared to have taken it out of him as Murray completely controlled the match.

After winning the first set Murray was priced @ 1.55 and then after winning the 2nd set 6-1 he went as low as 1.17 which initially looked like a bit of an over reaction against someone like Roger Federer who you can never write off.

With Murray, going into the 3rd set priced @ 1.17 this was a great time to take him on in my view however it did not amount to much as Murray comprehensively won the 3rd set and the Gold medal also.  I took a loss on this match but the end result was still very pleasing which is not something you can say every day!

From the chart below you can see this was not the greatest match if you are a tennis swing trader since it was all one way traffic in favour of Murray. However, there were some excellent scalping opportunities with the huge amount of break points that were saved by both men and the liquidity was awesome considering the huge amount of events on at the same time with £14.8 million turned over on Betfair.

Brilliant stuff and very heart warming if you are a Brit!


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