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Dynamic-Tennis-Trading-Box-1Well, here it is.

A much anticipated DYNAMIC FOOTBALL TRADING REVIEW. Probably, one of the most eagerly anticipated strategy package releases in years. This is a web based ecourse which is spread over 6 ebooks and includes 5 strategies along with real life examples. The sales blurb suggests it is a “football trading masterclass” which is intriguing.



Overall First Impressions and Presentation

So, lets start at the start.  The first book is the User Manual and all the others are books focusing on each individual strategy. None of these books have any filler at all either and delve right into the important stuff yet there is a huge amount to get through. No “How to open a Betfair account” in this package.

The presentation is immaculate. If you have checked out any SES Trading produced product then you will know how professionally presented they can be. Clear font, clear screen shots and easy to understand jargon. Having screenshots of the actual trades on a step by step basis should be a standard these days yet I see some packages failing to do it. Thankfully, no such issues here.

 User Manual

This first book is obviously particularly important. As mentioned, there is no real filler in here and that includes no patronising “how to green up” articles. This is because this is a package that is aimed at those football traders who already have some experience on Betfair and should know how to do things like this already. So do not try this package if you have no clue on how to use Betfair properly.

The main highlights to look out for in the user manual are the “3 factor formula” and the “in-play indicators”. These are both well worth learning and should help you if you have problems figuring out which matches will have goals and which ones won’t which is the main crux of most football trading. Personally, I am quite experienced with watching football in general and trading it so I found the in-play indicators to be quite “obvious” and others might feel the same when they read them. However, sometimes it is good to have these things broken down in this way to really hammer it home in your head.

The main point of the User Manual is to show you how to spot the opportunities to open the strategies within a football match. I think it works well and should give some newbies a better idea of when they should get into the markets or not. As said, the more experienced will know much of this but it can still help to have it reminded in an easy to read format.


dynamic football trading reviewI am sure this is the part everyone is interested in. I will go through each strategy with my initial thoughts but I do plan to expand on each one in seperate articles in the future.

Just to clarify, each strategy has plenty of real life trading examples and refreshingly also includes losing examples also so you can see the worst case scenarios and how the trader handled it.

 The Core Method – This is the main strategy of the package and the book is pretty jam packed with info surrounding it. When you first look at it you might feel its a bit “obvious” however the beauty is definitely in the interestingly titled “profit acceleration” strategies that are included with it. There are 3 extra strategies within the strategy if you get what I mean. The returns you can make using this strategy are definitely worth while. The author shows some matches where the returns are usually well over 100% ROI which is always a good thing in trading. Without giving the game away about the strategy, this is not “lay the draw” but it is something you have probably already done many times before when trading football. The key is knowing when to do it and then how to make the most of it in order to make money long term with it. This is clearly illustrated and in the right circumstances you can definitely make some good profits with this strategy. For the record, I have not actually seen this method detailed like this in any other packages.

 The Time Bomb – This is a goals market trade and one that is definitely new to me. There are 3 separate parts to the trade and the author gives specific instructions for when you should be opening each part and also times when you should, maybe, only open 1 or 2 parts. This is interesting and all ties into reading the match and reacting dynamically to what is happening. It works pretty well and has a good risk-reward ratio, of close to 1:1 in the best and worst case scenarios.

 The H-Bomb – This is another goal markets trade and this looks to be a pretty powerful one. This also comes with “profit acceleration” strategies and judging from the Real Madrid example this could be a popular strategy to use going forward. The risk-reward ratio on this trade is also excellent as you will often be winning more then you can potentially lose. After reading some of the in-play examples within this book I am excited to try this more often in the long term. I obviously can not give the game away but if you are a TFT user this is similar to the “Double Bubble” method but I think this is actually a good improvement on that.

 The Sticky Method – Potentially one of the most exciting strategies in the package but also potentially one of the most frustrating. This takes advantage of something I have noticed the markets doing in the past few seasons but have not had time to look much further into it. So, I was not surprised to see someone else has worked this out. There can be a potentially risk free, or very low risk, moment in a football match and if a goal goes in then you can make big profits. If it does not then you either take a small loss or, maybe, no loss at all. I suggest it can be frustrating as, in most cases, the goal will not arrive and so you have to be prepared for many losing trades. However, one winner can wipe out about 4-5 losers so you actually probably only need like 2 trades out of 10 to profit long term with it. Not everyone will have the patience but if you do then this a very decent strategy to work with.

The 15 Minute Method – This strategy does pretty much what it suggests and is a strategy that you open for 15 minutes and close with a profit at the end of it. It is based on a certain market at a certain time in a match that moves much quicker then it probably should. Very straight forward and the criteria is very specific for it. You might only find 2-3 qualifiers per weekend but the strike rate should be high. So if you are someone who likes to win frequent trades then this will appeal. The risk-reward ratio is quite unclear. The author suggest a rare loser in worst case scenario might lose you 120% of your stake. However, a losing example in the book showed only a loss of 30% of the stake, granted this was not a worst case scenario loser.

Does It Live Up To Expectations?

You have to say that it lives up to expectations as all the strategies are pretty neat and should open up a new world of possibilities for those who are developing as football traders.

The sales page suggests you will be learning and developing a skill with the information within the course. You have to say it does provide you with enough to get a much better understanding of trading in-play football. You will know exactly what opportunities to look for and have some pretty good strategies to work with from there.

This is an educational product and as with these things, there will be some who do better then others. We all went to school and learned the same information from our teachers but there was always some who did better then others in the exams right?

As I always stress, there is no magic pill to make it overnight in this game so do not expect a “magic” strategy that will make you profitable overnight. To be fair, the sales page does not suggest that at all anyway.

 Negative Points

I think video would have been handy on this product. Most of the strategies are well explained but a video of the strategies alongside a live match would have been good but also quite lengthy maybe. Also, not sure if broadcasting rights would allow such a thing.

Something, I was not sure of was whether we should open a H-bomb trade if the time bomb trade was a loser. It seems like that would be the logical thing to do but the author did not clarify this. This is not really a big negative on the overall package but I guess some guidance to how many strategies we should open per match would be good.

The other potential negative is the fact that there is quite a lot of decision making to be done with each trade. If you are looking for something simple and “brainless” this is not really a package for you. There is no simple, “do this, do that and done” style strategy (apart from maybe the 15 minute strategy) in this package. However, if you want an edge in football trading you simply can not use the mechanical strategies any more.


As you can expect this is getting a full recommendation. If you are still not quite profitable with football trading or just want to learn some new strategies then this is well worth it. If you are looking for something lazy to implement or even automate then I do not think you should go for it.

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  1. Good first impressions from me also. I have got all the SES products (TFT, TTT and dynamic tennis trading) and I am never let down! This might be the best one yet, time will tell.



  2. Great package, spent almost all of yesterday reading through these and definitely now rethinking how I approach football trading.

  3. Got this yesterday and had a very succesful tinker on the champions league matches last night.

    The sticky method is excellent. I had a big winner with it and one tiny loser but I had much more time in the market then expected (shakhtar)which i found very interesting.

    The time bomb also worked a treat and I can see myself using that a lot.

    A very pleased customer!

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