Reading-Arsenal In Thrilling Gubbing

Reading 5-7 Arsenal (AET)

Wow, what a match that was. The in-play goal backers would have had a field day on this one….

With Reading 4-0 up by the 40th minute, apparently some Arsenal fans left the ground and went home. The problem with being 4-0 up by the 40th minute is that you still have 50 minutes (plus injury time) to hold on to the lead and this can be a problem if it is the underdog that has the lead.

On paper, holding on to a 4 goal lead with that amount of time left should be easy but once that first goal for the opposition goes in to make it 4-1 then its only natural that doubts will start to creep in and from that point the game could turn. Especially if you are a team like Reading who arent used to being in strong winning positions especially against a club like Arsenal.

It is for reasons like this that I would always want to be a layer rather then a backer at odds lower then 1.10 with so much time left on the clock.

Last nights 4-4 epic saw around £6.4 Million matched at odds of 1.09 and lower with just over £77k matched on 1.01. A tasty gubbing!

It is no surprise that Reading also reached 1.01 in the “To Qualify” market with Arsenal matched as high as 34!

In to extra time and with Arsenal going 4-5 up, they traded as low as 1.06.

Reading equalised to make it 5-5 and Arsenal were out to 1.70 before Theo Walcott effectively won the match in Extra time injury time.

In the end it finished 5-7 and it was one of those nights that you are truly thankful for a scoreboard being there to keep count for you.

Sensational stuff, who says the Capital One Cup is not worth watching?



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  1. Maybe just a blip, but I think I might do some research into underdogs taking a 2+ goal lead in the 1st half and extend this to cover any side going 3+ up in the first half.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Definitely worth a look Simon. I shall do the same eventually, however I would suggest that this is the type of thing that should be looked at on a match by match basis. For example, you wouldnt expect Man Utd to throw away a 2+ goal lead against someone like Wigan but if it was the other way around its probably much more likely..

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