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The Shock That Never Was…

Barcelona 2-1 Celtic

With Barcelona being matched as low as 1.08 pre-kick off Vs Celtic it made them one of the shortest prices to have ever come up in the Champions League and not many were giving Celtic much of a hope.

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Even when Celtic took a 1-0 lead in the 19th minute, the odds on Barcelona only went out to 1.35.

When Barcelona equalised on half time they were still just 1.25 at half time.

The Draw started out @ 17 and traded as low as 1.10 before Barcelona nicked the winner in the 94th minute. Much to the relief of those who had backed Barca pre-kick off at priced below 1.10 I expect!

In the end Barcelona were matched as high as 13 in-play. This match has to go down as the shock that never was and I am sure this website would be getting many more hits today if Celtic had hung on for a few more seconds that is for sure!

 Man Utd 3-2 Braga

Another match which could have ended up in a shock result with Man Utd @ 1.40 before kick off falling 2 goals behind.

In the end Man Utd were matched as high as 4.5 in this one as the come back did seem pretty inevitable. Although, if you look closely at the chart below it looks like someone had some fat fingers and backed Man utd all the way down to 1.01 from 2 which was shortly after the equaliser to make it 2-2.

Could have been a very costly error for someone but in the end it seems they got away with it!


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