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The Million Pound Betfair 1.01 Gubbing

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Have a look at that image above as it is not something you see everyday on the Betfair markets.

There is nothing new in 1.01 being beaten, that is right but very rarely will you ever see 7 figures matched at that price only for it to end up as a loser.

The match between Nadal & Verdasco was superb but there were a few warning signs during it which should have made you think twice about backing Nadal @ 1.01.

Nadal did lose the first set and despite winning the 2nd set and then leading the 3rd set 5-2 he didn’t quite look as comfortable as he normally does. He didn’t look his usual fired up self and you could tell from his facial expressions and body language that something was not quite right. Perhaps, Nadal isn’t a fan of blue clay? 😉

By the way, Nadal started the match as a 1.04 favourite!

Anyway, Rafael Nadal is one of the world’s best and even on an off day he would still probably beat Verdasco but if you watched the match you could probably sense something was not quite right with the world number 2 and for a risk of just 1% why not take him on?

Trading the 1.01

Those who read this blog regularly know I love to lay tennis players at low odds and especially 1.01 since what is the worst that can really happen from it?

You could lay Nadal @ 1.01 with £1000 and only be risking £10. Then back him @ 1.02 with £500 and you now have £500 worth of green sitting on the underdog if he manages to pull off the shock.

Of course, you can just trade out that £500 at lower odds if you wanted to secure a profit but either way you are putting yourself in a position to win a huge amount of money for such little risk.

The worst that can happen is Nadal cruises to victory and you lose the £10 but remember you only need a few of these to make good profits in the long term AND you dont even need the 1.01 to be beaten in order to profit too!

I am not saying you should do this on every match but when you are trading lots of tennis matches you will begin to “sense” when the time is right to do it. Usually whenever the price touches 1.01 with a few games left to go since anything can and anything will happen. (Tip: More likely in women’s matches).

The sheer unpredictability and opportunity to win huge amounts for low risk is one of the main appeals of tennis trading and there is plenty more to come this summer.

Be sure to dust off your Total Tennis Trading manuals or refer to them in the weeks to come because the French Open is just around the corner…






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