/ / / / Novak Djokovic Turned Over @ 1.01 In Paris

Novak Djokovic Turned Over @ 1.01 In Paris

The tennis season might be winding down now but that does not mean that the quality of tennis trading action has been affected. If anything this time of the season is a great time for the seemingly unexpected to happen as a hard year begins to catch up on some of the players.

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If you keep your ear to the tennis grapevine then these sort of shocks might not be so surprising after all. It was common knowledge that Djokovic did not train on Sunday and was complaining about the strain of playing this tournament followed by the end of season tournament in London. Usually when a top player speaks negatively about an up coming tournament it can mean he is not planning on going too far in it… Mentally anyway 😉

There were also suggestions that Djokovic was feeling ill leading up to this match but was pressured into playing due to the fact that they were already lacking star names in Nadal & Federer.

With all that in mind, the collapse of Djokovic was not that shocking even after winning the first set 6-0 and going 2-0 up in the second set.

Djokovic started the match @ 1.15 favourite and after such a strong start it was not a surprise to see him trade @ 1.01 for over £77k.

However, it looked like the illness began to catch up on the Serbian and Querrey managed to get the win. This was after trading as high as 300-1 in-play!

It would be unfair to take anything away from this spectacular come back from Sam Querrey but you do have to wonder if Djokovic really wanted to go far in this competition with the ATP tour finals in London starting just next Monday…


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