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goal profits reviewWe have had several requests for a Goal Profits Review and after following the service for the previous 2 months we now have quite a lot of information to go on with it.

This is a service that has a profit target of 25 points profit per month, so does it live up to expectations? Well we were certainly very impressed with our experience but you can read through the full warts and all review below to make your own mind up first.

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What is Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is a football trading service run by full time sports trader Steve. The service covers two main aspects of football trading which is Correct Score trading and also Lay The Draw trading. You pay monthly to receive Steve’s trading advice which is sent by email on the days that there is action.

What Do You Get?

As soon as you sign up to Goal Profits you get instant access to the members area. This contains the Goal Profits System manuals, Correct Score trading videos, an FAQ page and the Goal Profits forum.

Steve is very responsive and offers a very personal touch to the service. You will receive an email with the days trades on the days that there is action and then you will also receive an email at the end of the day with a review of how the action went. Steve explains how he played the trades and you can learn a lot from this even if you didn’t trade yourself on the matches.

The manuals you get at the current time of writing are the Goal Profits Welcome Pack, Correct Score Trading Manual, Football Trading Handbook & Goal Profits LTD Twist. All these manuals are available in PDF format.

The Correct Score manual is well presented with screen-shots and a huge amount of text detail also. The thing with trading the Correct Score market is that it is not a simple market to tackle and there are not many “do this and then do that” style systems to suit this market. Steve makes this totally clear and explains his thought process on certain trades. You can certainly learn quite a lot of from this manual if you are hoping to get into trading the Correct Score market.

My only gripe with this manual is that it did not offer quite enough information on what to do when you were in trouble on certain trades however that is obviously because this is a service and you will be expected to learn from Steve in real time. The selection process is also not totally disclosed as that is obviously how Steve maintains his edge on the markets. It should be noted that just from reading the material on the website you can pretty much work out how Steve picks the matches for selection as they all usually fit a similar profile. So whilst you may not be able to get the specific filters for selection you should gain enough knowledge to eventually do your own selections too.

Is The Content Good?

I have obviously seen quite a few different approaches to trading the Correct Score market down the years and this was certainly different from most. A word of warning for newbies is that the liabilities can get quite high at certain points in the match with this style of trading and so it might not be suited for most as a cool head will be needed. I would suggest getting involved in learning this only if you already have a decent amount of Betfair trading experience under your belt and not if you only just discovered the betting exchange.

The Lay The Draw twist is an interesting twist and definitely not one I have seen before so, once again, there is something new to learn for those who have been around football trading for a while. The Football Trading handbook is full of the basic information about football trading that a newbie would certainly need help with.

As a Goal Profits member you also get access to the forum. As with most members only forums it is not the busiest but you will find Steve in there explaining his trades as he does them. This is a great benefit of the service as you can ask Steve any questions in real time instead of being left on your own to struggle. You should have a good time reading through all the historical threads and discussions as there have been many ideas banded about in there in previous months.

Can You Make Money With The Service?

There is obviously a huge educational benefit that you can get just by signing up and going through the PDF documents in the members area. If you decide to remain a member of the service for longer then a month will obviously depend on if you are able to make profits using it.

At the time of writing the Lay The Draw trades are comfortably in profit for the 2012/13 season with £935 profit made to £100 stakes.

The Correct Score trades are in profit for the year of 2012 by +£2679 to just £10 stakes which underlines how profitable Correct Score trading can actually be. There is no reason why you can not trade with stakes £100 and above on these markets either as the liquidity should be ok. If you were hoping to get 4 figure stakes in the Correct Score markets then your opportunities might be limited to Premier League matches only.

Obviously, we needed to see if these profits were actually being made which was why we followed the trades during October & November of this year. The Correct Score trades made profits of £383 in October and £37 in November (to £10 stakes).

The Lay The Draw trades made profits of £580 profit in October and £165 profit in November (to £100 stakes).

The fact both months were in profit is excellent with October being much better then November. However, Steve has emailed to say he was disappointed with the return in November which is a good sign as it shows he has high standards for the service he provides.

The fact that you can make an average of £243 profit a month just by doing the Correct Score trades with £10 stakes should be enough to convince anyone to give this service a go.

You can see a full breakdown of every trade and the results on the site itself here.

Anything else?

When speaking to Steve he did mention that another System was being officially added to the service from January 2013. This new system was being tested during our trial period there and made a profit of 11 points in October and 16.50 points in November. The good news is that this is a “set and forget” system rather then something you have to actively monitor.

The level of customer service is also truly excellent as Steve responds to email in lightning quick time and is always very detailed in his responses.

 So What Is The Verdict?

If you are looking for something a bit different from Lay The Draw then should appeal to you. Obviously the service does cover Lay The Draw but that is a standard for most football trading services.

It is not often a service comes along that we can actively encourage people to try. We get many emails from all sorts of “fly by night” services that are clearly here to make a quick buck. From what we can see with Goal Profits, Steve is here to stay in the long term. He is actively emailing members and getting feedback along with coming up with ideas to add and improve the service.

There are not many services that cover the Correct Score market and do it as thoroughly as this one. I would suggest that you only get involved with this service after you have already learned the basics of football trading rather then coming into this as a total newbie.

The sign up fee is £47 and if you wish to remain a monthly member then the cost is £27 per month and you are free to cancel at any point. The value for the initial £47 makes this a product that is definitely recommendable as you get a huge amount of material to learn from initially. With an expected average profit of £243 per month then the £27 subscription should not really be an issue but you have to see how it goes in practice.

This gets a definite thumbs up!

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Be quick as Steve will be putting the price up very soon once he hits his original quota for members.







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