Football Trading Simulator – Release Date, FAQ, New Features + MORE!

So the recent announcement of the Football Trading Simulator has definitely got a lot of people really EXCITED from the sounds of it.

If you missed the announcement, check this post for more info.

But since the announcement we have actually managed to IMPROVE the software based on some advanced feedback and we also have an Earlybird Release date. I will be telling you all about it below.

Read on to find out…

Early Bird Release Date

So we have a release date for it but I firstly want to say that building something like this is NOT a trivial project at all and to congratulate Andy (the developer) on creating something that is a work of genius!

It might look easy to make (I thought similar) but it has taken us around 6 months of trial and error (and probably lots of sleepless nights for Andy) to get this made.

People have mentioned software that has “practice mode” and wondering if this is similar but this is nothing like that since we are not drawing anything from an API.

The advantages of not relying on an API means you can simulate and practice trading ANY match, ANY time in as fast a time as you want (without even being connected to the Internet!)

So you could trade a full 90 minute match in 90 seconds then move on to the next one.

By the time one 90 minute real life match is complete you could have ran 60+ simulations and collected your data much quicker than if you were to sit and “practice” on a live match.

You can also test multiple strategies on the SAME match and record that data individually if you wish.

We have seen similar tools out there but since they use Betfair’s official data you often have to pay “per market” for every match you want to simulate which can definitely add up. For example, one solution we looked at seemed you would have to spend around £500 for every 1000 market simulationss.

With this, you get the tool to KEEP and you can run UNLIMITED simulations at no further cost. (See video below to see how you can trade ANY market you wish)

So I wanted to make it clear about the main use of the software so everyone has a full understanding about what it can and can’t do.

Get on the list below to ensure you get an invite for it.

Pricing and packaging details will ONLY be released to those who get an invite. This is NOT a public release.


Simulate ANY Match

You might have seen the recent Youtube series where we use the simulator to help create and test a strategy and during that I used “simulate random match” to generate matches to test it on.

Many liked that feature but were wondering what we would do if we just wanted a specific match to trade.

Thankfully I found a way to do that which you can see in the video below.

This means that you can essentially simulate an INFINITE number of matches.

And just to be clear, the “fictional” matches that we are trading are still matches with the same probabilities.

So in this example, the Arsenal-Spurs match we traded was just replaced in the background with a similarly priced match so all the probabilities fit and you can really get a feel for how a strategy will actually play out on certain matches.

Check the video below to get an idea

Remember, the Football Trading Simulator will be opening for EARLY BIRD access only from…

Friday March 19 @ 10am to Sunday March 21 @ 11:59pm and is by invite only. Get on the list below to secure yours.



We have been working in real time the past week to try and incorporate the main suggestions from you guys and here are some updates on that.

Extra Goal Markets – We managed to add the Over/Under 5.5 and Over/Under 6.5 goal markets to the simulator.

This might not sound like a big deal but considering that during production we only had the 2.5 goal markets working with good accuracy for a long time so this feels like a BIG win for us!

“My Notes” Section – A subscriber requested having a blank tab on the sheet that can allow us to make manual notes about our strategy ideas and findings. This is a good idea and an easy addition so it has now been implemented and you can keep all your project notes in one place.

Strategy “Tracker” Improvements – If you saw the video where we were recording the strategy results you will be pleased to hear we have improved this section a fair bit since that recording.

On the final version you will be able to see each match you traded in the results section to analyse that way and also, importantly, see an overall ROI%.

We also named that section “strategy centre” to make it look prettier.

You can also now test MULTIPLE strategies in the same match and then save them into their own individual strategy.

So you can simulate one match and test up to EIGHT strategies on it at once if you so wanted (you might be crazy to try that!) but it can be good to get a good idea of which strategies are working better.

Let your imagination run wild!

A video showing this will be included in the members area for those who sign up.

Correct Score or First Half Markets – These markets are typically the markets with the lowest liquidity so we wanted to concentrate on the main liqudity markets for this version of the simulator. But it seems some are requesting the CS and FH markets too so we are working on this and hoping to have this available also for those who want it. (The CS market is NOT easy to simulate at all!)

That is the latest updates for now but keep checking back to this page as we will get it updated with any latest news leading up to the early access.

Friday March 19 @ 10am to Sunday March 21 @ 11:59pm and is by invite only. Get on the list below to secure yours.


In Play Analyser?

A question I have been getting from the most eagle eyed readers is what the “Analyser” tab has underneath it.

This part will be revealed very soon.

But here is a comment from a beta tester who tried it out recently

“WOWZERS! How did I not see it before? HUGE addition to an already FANTASTIC tool!!!!”

More info coming soon!


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  1. I enjoy your YouTube video and look forward to the football simulator

  2. I love your video very informative can’t wait for the football simulator on 19th.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Thanks Steve!

  3. Can I punch in some logic – let’s say when the lay price is 2.0 at KO and 1.5 at HT, place a back bet and trade out after a goal – and run that on 100 matches, and give me the results?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Jamie,

      The lay price on which market?

      1. It doesn’t really matter which market. Let’s say 2.5 goals.

        1. Sports Trading Life says:

          Well yeah you can definitely try that out if you wished. You would quickly see what was working and what was not with it.

  4. …and after 2000 simulations of the same game…you’ll get the same results …”reduce to the mean”.It’s how statistics works.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      What do you mean mate? Do you mean there are no edges out there?

  5. …So before starting the video, get yourself a nice yard of ale and let’s get to it!

    Loving the video intros.

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