Over Priced!

My ratings for tonight’s Champions League matches have thrown up more then a few discrepancies. I admit that its harder to get a more accurate price prediction when its a competition such as this but there seems to be a few favourites that are hugely over priced. Last night we saw over priced favourites all fail to win in Chelsea (1.33) , AC Milan ( 1.60) and also Arsenal who were priced @ 1.80 when my ratings suggested they should have been 2.10. I did suggest it might be time to start backing Arsenal again but it clearly isn’t when Robin Van Persie doesnt start and certainly not when they are seemingly bad value too!

Tonight’s out of kilter prices include, to the surprise of no one, Manchester City. They are hot favourites to win at Villareal (1.70) and my own ratings suggest they should be 2.20. Bayern Munich are 1.33 and they “should” be 1.60, whilst Benfica are 1.36 when they “should” be 1.75.

This could be a good time of the competition to start taking on these over priced favourites as most teams will now turn to doing what is needed to qualify rather then go hell for leather and actually try to win. Arsenal, Chelsea and AC Milan last night were good examples of this, as a draw wasn’t a bad result for any of them and actually was enough for AC Milan to qualify with.

There is Something that I have mentioned many times on this blog before…. Never back a team that doesn’t actually NEED to win!

Total Tennis Trading – Just 5 Left

At some point today we will be closing the availability of the Total Tennis Trading Package, so if you did want a copy make sure you get it now as the next time it will be available again wont be till sometime in 2012.

We have been overwhelmed yesterday with people grabbing a copy last minute so we have decided to close it at just 5 more copies or at midnight, whichever comes first. It does sound like I am trying a sales trick but it really isn’t anything like that and from tomorrow it will not be available to anyone else at all!

It really is a great training package full of information and videos and the feedback from you guys has been amazing which is really pleasing to here. Anyway, You can view the full details about it here…

Good luck to those trading Tennis this afternoon and the Champions League tonight!


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