Total Tennis Trading Review


Here is a review of Total Tennis Trading.

If you enjoyed Total Football Trading (and many of you did) then you will be pleased to know that I feel that this package is on another level to it. The tennis markets are incredibly lucrative and learning how to trade them profitably could be one of the best things you ever learn in life!

We have decided to limit the amount of copies that get out there initially so we can see if the markets are affected when a small amount of people start trading with these methods at the same time. There is plenty of money in the tennis markets so I doubt it will be an issue but its best to be on the safe side. Also, I want to be able to offer email support to those who do buy and this will take up a lot of my own time so the less people the better!

So if you buy now you will benefit from getting the package before anyone else in the world and also benefit from the ridiculously low price that it’s available for when you consider what you are getting.


So what are you getting?

The package includes FOUR detailed manuals, EIGHT strategies and TEN Videos! The strategies range from beginners to advanced strategies and include scalping, swing trading and position taking. Each strategy is broken down with huge detail including screen shots of the strategy in action and now we have also included screen shots showing losing trades too so you can see what happens when it goes wrong too!

We started work on Total Tennis Trading long before the football package and have researched and analysed over 5000 in-play tennis matches in the process. The testing has been going on since March across all the different surfaces and tournaments to find the very best entry points, exit points and also tournament specific strategies.

You will also be pleased to discover that the old 15-40 method isn’t included in this package.

Book 1- The Locker Room:

The first book in the package basically tells you everything you need to know about tennis trading. There is some important stuff in there and if you are new to tennis trading then some of the information is crucial! There is also a fair bit in there about how you should approach certain matches and things to look for that will help you get an edge.



Book 2 – The First Set:

The second book covers the first three strategies that are the KISS method, the Flip Reverse Strategy and the Yo Yo method. This book is for beginners strategies and so you can expect that these methods will be quite simple and basic. The methods in this particular book might appear to be well known methods at first and the principles behind them certainly are however, after looking at all the data we have found the very best entry and exit points and also adapted and updated the methods so they work better in the 2012 markets. The key thing is that we have shown you how to create RISK FREE positions when using the Flip Reverse and Yo-Yo methods. So it isn’t as simple as back x then lay x and hope for the best like other strategy guides will have you believe. It’s a much more professional and creative approach to things with these methods in my view.


Book 3 – The Second Set:

The third book is called the Second set and features TWO intermediate strategies within it. These are the Double Back Strategy and the Fifty Fifty Method. It’s hard to go into too much detail without spilling the beans but the Double Back strategy takes advantage of a massive market over reaction and the Fifty Fifty Method takes advantage of the swings that can occur when there are matches between two very close players. Once again, if you look closely at the outline of the methods you will see that you can put yourself in a no-loss position once a certain scenario takes place so there are always ways to get out of these trades with minimal losses. You will also be pleasantly surprised at the low risk and high reward nature of the Double Back Strategy.


Book 4 – Ace:

The final book moves on to the more advanced strategies. These strategies are point to point scalping strategies and you will have to consult the videos that are within the package in order to see real life examples. The scalping strategies are called the The Point Break Method and The Two Point Method. Both are very powerful when used correctly and can be a great way add on little bits of profit when you aren’t employing any other strategies.

The Cash Cow method is the method which looks most exciting. We show you a scenario that comes up in most tennis matches and the beauty is that you can profit from it happening again and again within the same match. So if you lose with this method you will lose one unit but once you win with it, you can repeat it again and again with no risk. In the start I will always advise people to just take the first win and not be greedy but keep an eye on the market afterwards to see if you could have squeezed a few more wins out.


Total Tennis Trading Membership

Also, included in the cost will be lifetime access to the Total Tennis Trading Members Area This will host the manuals and also include bonus strategies and premium content for additional support.


So Overall…..

You are getting a serious amount of good stuff within this package when you consider the low one off fee. I am not sure if any other tennis trading package has gone into as much detail as we have on this project.



Refund Terms: (25/10/12) Due to the sensitive information contained within these manuals and the digital nature of the product there can be NO refunds. You are effectively paying for information and once you have received this information it obviously can’t be returned and so no refunds can be processed either.

We know that demand for these manuals will be huge, so if you have any doubt about buying then please just allow others to have the opportunity.

We have had an enormous amount of positive reviews and feedback surrounding our previous Football Trading manuals and so we feel confident that we have proven we only deliver top quality but if you do have any questions then I am here to answer them, just email me [email protected]



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  1. Hi,

    The tennis video download zip is corrupted and cannot be retrieved in full. I tried numerous times at different locations (home/work) but no joy. Can you re-zip and upload?


    1. It worked! I tried about 10 times and finally got a clean download. You might want to re-upload as I suspect others will have the same problem.



  2. The Total Football Trading strategies have helped me become a much better football trader, but Tennis has always been my passion. In other words, purchased! Had a quick look and the strategies look solid, can’t wait to try them out 😀

  3. Sports Trading Life says:

    Yeah Keith, someone else had that issue.

    It is a strange one but looks like its working now.

    If anyone reading this has a problem downloading the videos, just shoot me an email!

    1. bonjour

      je voudrai savoir si votre texte pour ce logiciel est en fançcais car je ne parle pas english ?


  4. No problem with the download for me. Only dabbled with tennis trading before, but definitely looking forward to doing more.

    Made tiny profits on two matches today using 50-50 (lost), double back (won) and point break (won, sortof). Just getting my feet wet for now. 🙂

  5. Sports Trading Life says:

    Good to hear Marc!

    A rare loss with the fifty-fifty method. Good news is that if you exited at the right time then you only have to win your next fifty-fifty trade to get back in profit!

    The WTA is great for that method 😉

  6. It happened on the Andreev/Granollers match, but I made it back with the bouble back method.

    Quick update: just banked a nice profit with the flip-reverse on Wozniacki. Took all of 2 games in the first set. 🙂

    Up more than 3% on my account for the day. Can’t complain!

  7. Sports Trading Life says:

    Hello Pete (@trash-mail),

    I have sent you an email, did you get it?

    If not then email me and I will help you with your concerns

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