Football Trading Yoda Lesson #3 – You Are One Strategy Away…

Welcome to Football Trading – The Yoda Lessons!

This is part 3 of the 5 part blog series where I will be covering some of the BIGGEST lessons that newbies must learn from football trading if they want to succeed in the long term.

Each blog post will be released here daily until Friday so be sure to check back on the blog for the latest post!


This lesson is all about football trading strategies and just how many you need.

Well that depends as we will get on to further in the lesson.

So I have spoken much about the cycle of doom before in other content and videos and it is something I think all of us have been caught up in at some point.  

Step 1 > Get a strategy.

Step 2 > Use strategy for a bit, experiencing good results.

Step 3 > Experience some losses. Scrap strategy.

Step 4 > Go back to step 1.

Sounds familiar right?

I went through the same thing for a long time.

Mainly because I had nobody that could set my expectations with this. I literally believed that unless it was a 100% win-rate then I should scrap it and keep searching for the holy grail.

Shameful when I think back.

But I want to tell you about a big turning point I found and that I keep noticing in others especially my members inside Ultimate Football Trading.

Once you find ONE strategy that works for you.

Suddenly, all the rest start to work also.

It sounds a bit silly right? How is that even possible?

Well, my theory is that once you have patience and discipline to work on making just one strategy work for you profitably. You will then find it easier to do the same with other strategies and methods.

The majority of newbies don’t have the discipline and patience so they will keep going in the cycle of doom and NOTHING will work for them.

But I see for many, once they get one method working for them the rest seem to follow. They begin trading without the usual shackles that newbie traders experience and let the best trades come to them.

Anyone who joins Ultimate Football Trading is given an 8 strategy portfolio to work with.

And the idea at the start is you will pick the one method that you like the look of best and you are most comfortable with.

And you will practice that method for 100 trades, minimum.

I even give you a spreadsheet to do it with so you can record EVERY single trade.

Many never even bother doing it but those who do are the ones who see the results.

Since it takes a huge amount of commitment and discipline to do 100 trades with anything.

But once that challenge is complete you will have grown so much mentally that anything else within football trading will seem much easier after that.

And most importantly, along the way they will learn from their mistakes, improve their strike rate and their ability to predict odds movement in the short term (as mentioned in lesson #1) and tweaked the strategy to fit their own trading style since everyone is different.

Funny thing is, my members who join UFT and were initially afraid of time value strategies like snowball often go back to those methods maybe 6 months or a year later and suddenly the strategies work well for them.

Once you have made that first strategy work suddenly some of the more trickier ones will start to work too.

But don’t confuse this with thinking you only need one strategy.

That would be a big mistake.

You really need a portfolio of strategies.

There are so many different scenarios that can play out in a football match and it is important to be able to take advantage of all of them.

But also not every strategy will be profitable month on month.

There will be ups and downs.

But if you have a portfolio of around 10 strategies then it should be very rare that all 10 are having a bad month. (It is also extremely rare that all 10 have a good month unfortunately!)

Usually you will find that 6 or 7 are in profit for the month and 3 or 4 are down.

The net result is that you are in profit overall.

And this should explain why having a portfolio is so important.

And like I said, once you crack ONE profitable strategy the rest will fall into place.

Based on the above you are probably closer than you think to cracking this!

In Lesson #4, I am going to talk about one of the biggest MISUNDERSTANDINGS I see in football trading every single day.

This gives me sleepless nights sometimes so I hope you can read and spread the word.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Andrew Pyke says:

    Thanks Ben, couldn’t agree more. The beauty of your multi strategy system is you can use many strategys on the same game as it unfolds. Ie exit 1 for a profit. Exit a second if In play doesn’t support it and use another that the inplay stats support. Management and discipline are the key. Excellent blog

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Thanks for dropping by Andrew!

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