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Getting Over Confident….

Always nice to wake up on the Monday morning after a profitable weekend. It was one of those weekends were almost everything went right and I felt a bit like Nostradamus as almost all my in-play predictions came off and goals came just when I needed them. The Silver and golden goal methods certainly did the trick and I even had a “mug” punt which came in also.

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I took Chelsea @ 1.50 on Saturday night, which proved to be good value since they started @ 1.40 Vs Bolton. I remember when Chelsea played at Bolton in January and walked away with an easy 4-0 win and with the way Bolton are playing recently it felt like I was buying money on this one. Its not often I dip into the mug punting account but when I do I go in big and I am surprised at how long my Bet365 account seems to be lasting.


Getting Over Confident

As can normally happen when you have a lot of success, you get over confident and looking back now I certainly was. On Sunday night I speculatively opposed Barcelona in their match against Gijon. Barcelona do struggle normally against Gijon however they sneaked a 1-0 win and so my lay lost but I recouped it with my Gijon +2 handicap bet. Really, I should have just taken the handicap bet and left it as I couldn’t actually see Barcelona failing to win against Gijon.

Then I was glad the weekend ended when it did as I also got a bit cocky by laying Spurs @ 1.20 against Arsenal as I expected the Gunners to produce at least one opportunity before the match ended but they were really quite hopeless and I had to double check that they weren’t playing with ten men as it certainly seemed like they were!

It is strange how you feel the need to place bets or trades that you normally wouldn’t on the back of making good profits. I doubt I would have felt the need to lay Spurs or Barcelona in those situations if I was having a normal weekend but it’s a case of “well I made loads for the weekend, losing a bit wont hurt”. This is something I certainly need to stamp out in future as it may not be a dent on this weekends profits but it probably will be once the month is up.

The Mug

The Mug had a poor weekend as we should all expect and turned a healthy loss. You can view his results here, hopefully if he carries on like this then we could have a profitable laying service on our hands and all for FREE!


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