Trading Long Shots In The Champions League!

Superb night of Champions League and football trading action, serving up drama, talking points, goals and some superb football from certain teams. The less said about Tevez, the better in my view!

I ended up focusing on the match at Old Trafford between Man Utd and Basle. United started the match slowly and Basle looked likely to grab a goal. So I began to think about laying Manchester United or taking them on with a handicap, however just as I was thinking about doing that Danny Wellbeck pops up and scores two in a minute. That was the end of that, or so I thought anyway!

I watched the rest of the second half and even though Man Utd were leading by 2 goals at home, the score line flattered them slightly. At half time they were priced @ 1.02 to lay and I threw £150 on as I thought that Basle could still get a goal and then I could at least get rid of my liability. Risking around £3 is certainly worth it.  Must also mention I did the same in the Real Madrid match at half time but had no luck there!

So the second half began and Basle still looked pretty dangerous and then they somehow scored two goals within the space of a few minutes. I was only hoping for one goal and so I was pleasantly surprised to get two! Man Utd had gone from 1.01 up to 1.80 in an extremely short space of time. I greened up immediately for the profit in the screen shot and I was actually a little bit disappointed that the profit wasn’t larger as I rated Man Utd’s odds as being around 2.20 at that point. I was tempted to let it ride longer and I would have been rewarded however it’s easier said then done when you see

Anyway, it’s nice when these bonus profits come in alongside the regular bread and butter money making strategies. I guess I can’t complain about a 2000% return on my investment!

Basle took the lead in this match and traded from odds as high as 360 down to odds as low as 1.30. One of the biggest Champions League shocks in history was just minutes away from being realised when Ashley Young popped up with a header in the 89th minute to level the score at 3-3.

Can you make money in the long term if you trade like this though?

This type of long shot trade that I did on the Manchester United match is something that I frequently do if I have made good money for the night and there is a round of matches being played. I certainly dont make a habit out of it though!

Risking between £1 and £3 isn’t much and doesn’t affect my own trading bank so why not? It should be noted that I rarely record these trades so I can’t say if I am in profit for the long term with them but it seems like I am as I do seem to get “lucky” with them quite often. I actually consider these trades as “entertainment” more then anything.

So there might well not be any value in that sort of trading but it sure is fun when they come in!


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