The Popcorn Trader Returns…

The popcorn trader is making a return tonight for the Carling cup. This is where I will simply sit and watch the matches and watch the markets at the same time as I trial some new strategies. The carling cup is a minefield as it’s hard to tell just how motivated a team is to actually go through to the next round. Some managers see it as a headache and there are quite a few false favourites on the coupon for tonight but trying to work out which ones will produce the shocks is where it gets tricky.

For example, Wolves @ 1.92 have the look of a favourite which might not want to actually win the match since Mick Mcarthy knows he has to save his team for the relegation battle ahead, however the market seems to have adjusted for this since Wolves price should be @ 1.60 according to my ratings. So do you take the value bet? Or do you lay the team which might not want to win? That is why the Carling Cup is a minefield and it’s probably best to just stay away.

I will be keeping all my trading to strictly pre-match for today which should work well since the markets will be moving according to the rumours about the strength of teams that will be put out and so there should be some nice swings.


Popcorn Trading

 So I will be returning to some popcorn trading tonight as I have devised a few new personal strategies that I would like to try out when the markets go in play. These matches are perfect for a bit of experimenting with small stakes and it is crucial that I test and keep testing new strategies before I draw any conclusions and start using them with full stakes. Sods law tends to show great profits when you trial something but once you go in with proper money is when you see the problems with the method therefore I will test, test and keep testing till I have enough data to draw a conclusion.

I will also be doing some popcorn trading on the NFL this Sunday. I was watching the markets last Sunday to try and work out what makes them move and I was astounded at the amount of opportunities that were popping up. I admit that I don’t even understand the rules of NFL fully but trading is simply a numbers game and I am looking forward to trying a few things on this Sundays round of matches.

I know that Mark Iverson has been opening a trading room for the NFL matches alongside Cassini from Green All Over and hopefully they might do the same again this Sunday and I shall try and pop in for a look. Regular readers will remember this interview I did with Mark Iverson earlier in the year and he is certainly a guy who knows his stuff.

So if you are interested in learning to trade the NFL then be sure to check out his blog for more details. I am pretty sure they are opening the room free of charge but even if there was a charge it would still be worth it in my view as the American markets could be a trading goldmine!


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