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Expect The Unexpected!

The World Matchplay of Darts 2011 has been great entertainment as usual and these tournaments normally are when they are broadcast on Sky Sports.

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After watching darts over the years, I can firmly say that my darts trading strategy is to “Expect the unexpected”. There are so many times in the match when a player looks nailed on to seal a leg with three darts at a double only for them to miss them all which can see the odds swing massively. Fantastic volatility and darts is certainly a sport that many people should look into trading more.

I have seen some spectacular comebacks in all forms of sports and many 1.01s overturned down the years, but this really was something else.

Simon Whitlock, 1.25 pre match favourite was leading 15-8 and only needed to win one more leg to seal the victory and qualify for the semi finals.

He was trading @ 1.01 and had over £52k matched before he proceeded to miss FOUR match points and watch Andy Hamilton win NINE legs in a row and steal the match in the tie break and in the most dramatic fashion, with a Bullseye! Hamilton was matched as high as 510 on Betfair!

Have a look at this chart to give you more of an idea about how this one unfolded. Brilliant and yet more evidence of why there is some big money to be made by trading darts!

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