Big Betfair Mysteries II : The Psychoff Profits

psychoff betfairFollowing on from the popular and also slightly controversial post about Adam Heathcote we have another big Betfair mystery that is worth looking into. This one involves another prolific blogger who went by the name of Psychoff!

Psychoff was actually made up of two (or more?) people and they blogged throughout 2009 with the challenge of making $100,000 from football trading. A challenge they appeared to have completed within 5 months by the end of 2009. This then led to a new challenge which was to make $1 Million by the end of 2011!

On a daily basis the blog was updated with huge profits being displayed in screen-shots. However, almost as soon as the challenge began, the blog was ended! Not only was the blog ended but all the previous posts showing their screenshots were deleted too, which is what has helped to create this mystery!

Their reason for stopping the challenge was given as being because they simply didn’t have the time with this message being left on the front page of the now defunct blog, “We already work very long hours and devoting another hour to the blog instead of our family every day is no longer acceptable.” They did go on to say that they would be carrying on the challenge but only now in private.

It’s also no surprise to hear that Psychoff were getting a lot of abuse from non-believers and cynics who felt they were faking screenshots in order to eventually sell something further down the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting that sort of response to their blog was one of the main reasons for stopping it!

So just who was Psychoff? Were they really making the insane amounts of money that there screen-shots implied?

Well, this is a mystery which will still have to go unsolved. There will always be people that will cast doubt on someone who appears to be making amazing profits on Betfair. The fact that Psychoff hardly ever pasted their full profit and loss didn’t actually do them much favours in this respect though. I know a few traders who are making profits which would blow the average person away but they won’t blog about it no matter how much I try and twist their arms! Either way, it’s very possible and those who do decide to blog about it shouldn’t be knocked.

Seeing the Psychoff blog end was very disappointing as you could actually learn a lot by seeing their screen-shots and then looking at the match they were trading. Just from that you could quite easily get a good idea of their methods and perhaps maybe that’s one of the reasons they decided remove all their previous posts!

I am aware that Psychoff contributes sporadically to the Bet Angel forum and has been asked if he would restart his blog up to which he implied he has no intention of doing. He has commented to say that his challenge is still coming along very nicely and appears to be on target for 2011!

So it seems that this is one Betfair mystery that will go potentially unsolved forever!


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  1. Very nice post and a good read.

    I believe that it is important that you know upfront what you want to achieve with a blog and the content on it must reflect that. In case of Psychoff, I don’t have a clue what they wanted from their blog, was it to show off or was in informative, if it was the last one then it’s normal that people are asking for methods and strategy’s because people want to copy success, they should have thought of that before they started their blog.

    Anyways, again a good read and a good blog. I have added you to my blogroll, visit my blog ) some day and add me. I have just started but I hope to add something too.


  2. Hey Raymond,

    I totally agree!

    I have added you on, welcome along!


  3. Thank you guys,

    More than one year passed since we have closed our blog but it is nice to see that someone is still remembering us…:)

    As written in the article above, our 1 million challenge is on its way and it seems to be completed with the end of 2011.

    You can still use our mailbox ([email protected]) to contact us…

    Best of luck…;)


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