What Should Football Traders Do During The International Break?

Mario BalotelliJust when you are enjoying the routine of domestic football every weekend we go into yet another International break. I personally hate them as I do not usually do very well on International matches but I always find myself a bit caught out when they arrive. What should I do with my time? Should I trade it or do something better? Is there anything better??

Here a few ideas if you have a similar dilemma…

Experiment With New Strategies

Unless you have a strategy that is suited to International matches then this can be a good time to experiment with new strategies. There might be some old strategies you might want to revisit or some new ones you have not yet tried to grasp and this time of the season can be ideal. It can actually be quite fun to sit down with small stakes and trade a round of football matches using a totally new strategy and you will be surprised at the things you can learn from it. If you want to experiment then the international break is the time to do it.

Trade Another Sport

This can be the perfect time to take a look at other sports to trade. During the main parts of the football season you might have no time to take a look at Tennis or Racing and this is a good time to check it out. Tennis is a sport that keeps going most months of the year so no matter when the international break happens you can always find some tennis to trade. Most people who learn how to trade tennis never regret it!

Take A Break

Whether you trade football full time or part time it is always good to take a break from things. Relax your mind and focus on other hobbies in life and you will feel much fresher when the Premier League returns. I used to try and trade through the International breaks myself but I would end up feeling burned out. I do not enjoy watching International football as much apart from the world cup and I do not feel like I have any sort of edge trading it. Yet, I always used to try and push through and trade it anyway only to lose money and feel depressed watching yet another boring England match at Wembley.


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