Big Betfair Mysteries: Adam Heathcote

The world of sports trading is an interesting one. One of the reasons I love it is that everyday there is some sort of excitement or drama occurring on the markets. This could be a horse being beaten on the line, a strong tennis favourite being beaten after having millions matched at 1.01 or even a football match where the draw price hits 1.01 and then still gets beaten (Last night Moechengladbach!). Along with all the excitement, comes the odd mystery.

The Adam Heathcote Mystery

adam heathcoteOne of the biggest mysteries for many Betfair Traders is Adam Heathcote. Adam Heathcote was the author of a Betfair blog which had the aim of making £350k within a year from trading horse racing. He met his goal easily and was regularly uploading screenshots showing earnings in excess of £1000 per day.

Then one day last year, Adam Heathcote vanished from the trading community….

His blog is still up and is the cause of much debate even to this very day. Some suggested he wasn’t real and simply a plant for a trading software company to make more sales. Some suggested he was real but simply faking his screenshots in order to create the huge following that he did.

At one point Adam even posted videos on his blog to show him logging into his account and checking his balance. Somehow, people still even doubted that was real too! I guess when someone is so successful you will always find people who will doubt it and refuse to believe it.

So what happened to Adam Heathcote? Where is he?

Well it was about a year ago when Adam Heathcote left an infamous post on his blog telling everyone to “Stay Hydrated” and after that he left just one new post where he mentioned he was starting his own business. Well from the looks of it, it seems that Adam really has taken the plunge and started his own business, Health and Fitness Travel.

This would explain his lack of posting in the recent months and also probably put all the doubters to bed. Some might argue as to why you would want to start a new business when Betfair pays so well however the truth is that we do all grow bored sometimes. When you have made the type of money that Adam has made then you don’t really need to work anymore and so you would only want to do things that you enjoy personally. Those who read the blog will know that he always mentioned having an interesting in this sort of thing so good on him.

This won’t stop the debate from rumbling on. Adam Heathcote is quite a legend in the Betfair trading circles and some people have a hard time believing that a person of his age could come on to the markets and clean up in such a short space of time.

The good news is that his blog is still up and reading through it can be a very educational experience. Adam is quite vague with just how he makes the big money trades however if you read “between the lines” you can see he drops the odd gem of information here and there.

For those starting out with trading horse racing then it could serve as an inspiration to us all and you can check out his blog here. [UPDATE 2019: Seems his blog has been removed from the Internet. Sad day for sports traders!]

If anyone has any comments then feel free to post them but I believe we should finally put the Adam Heathcote mystery to bed for good!


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One Comment

  1. Very interesting reading. I do belive he is real, and I have also seen a tv program about him. I think it was called “blag a million”

    But i also think that it will always be a mystery, how he manage to get that kind of money out of betfair

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