5 Sports Arbitrage Tips To Maximise Profits

arbitrage tipsI have been messing around with the Bonus Bagging Arbitrage software here and there in the past week. This really is something that you can use to make money in a low risk way although not everyone will find it as easy as others might.

Here I have 5 tips to help you get the most from sports arbitrage and the software in general. This will hopefully help with your own arbing too.

Open Bookies In All Tabs

After a short while using the software you will begin to have a general idea of which bookies are frequenlty popping up with arbs. Those who have been doing this will know that sometimes arbs are there for just moments before the bookies correct the price which means you have to be quick on the draw.

Keep all the usual bookmakers open in separate tabs within your browser and remain logged in and have the accounts funded when possible. Those extra seconds it takes to open a tab, go the website, wait for it to load, log in, deposit and find the arb before placing your bet can usually mean the difference between you getting the arb or not!

Place your bet at the bookie first

If you find an arb where you back at the bookmaker and then lay on Betfair then always place your bookmaker bet first. This is because you can actively see the Betfair prices as the market moves, however bookmakers use different software. Sometimes, once you click on a price and go to input your money then you can find that they have changed the price and it could be that the arb is no longer there anymore. If you placed your lay on Betfair first then it might then mean you will have to exit out for a guaranteed loss rather then a profit. So always make sure the bet is confirmed with the bookmaker first.

 Arb On Lower Odds

Arbing on odds below 3 can mean you get the most bang for your buck. By arbing on lower odds, you will usually have a smaller liability if laying on Betfair. Thus you can potentially get your whole trading bank involved in these instances which will mean much better profits in a shorter space of time.

 Refresh Every 15-20 Seconds

These days arbs pop up and then are gone within moments since many other traders are using software to spot them. I found I had the best results when I sat down for a dedicated hour and kept refreshing the software every 20 seconds or so. I was surprised at how many different ones would pop up with every click, especially during the afternoon horse racing.

 Watch The Markets

If you have experience with sports trading then this can be used to your advantage when arbing also. For example, if you have just backed a horse @ 7 with the bookmaker and the lay on Betfair is @ 6 then you can lock in a decent profit immediately. However, if you have experience with the markets you might see that the same horse is going to keep steaming and might even touch 5.5 or 5 even. If you are good at this you can wait and lay at lower odds which can really maximize your profits. This is something more advanced users should think about.

I hope this helps and remember You can try the Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software here! This will allow you make an easy £600+ per month tax free with only a few bets per day.


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  1. I have been using bb arbs for a while and it works.

    Make avg 10% per bet and do it a few times a week.
    Made loads with it so far.

  2. Hi, I have heard some people have struggled with this software due to lack of liquidity on Betfair for many of the arbs, meaning it is difficult to make a lot on each arb. Is this something you have found?

    Will you be doing a full review of the service? It would be great to hear what you have found as there aren’t many recent reviews of the software.

    Best wishes,


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Josh,

      Yeah I will be soon.

      I have seen some arbs where the liquidity is not worth getting on with but I just ignore those and move on. No point dwelling and trying to get some money in as the true price will eventually crop up anyway.


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