Why We Trade Instead Of Betting!

One of the reasons I took up sports trading as opposed to straight betting was that I feel much more in control of my situation. I much prefer adjusting my position according to the actual events unfolding rather then just putting my money down and hoping for the best. Today had two examples of why I trade rather then punt!

Yet again today Manchester United gave away a lead and that is something which is happening a lot this season, as I have shown you previously!

Well when they went a goal up away to Stoke I saw the market had them priced at 1.28 to go on and win the game. Against a firm strong Stoke side who have come back from being a goal down a few times already this season I saw this as being excellent value. I lumped on with a lay and a view to green up if or when Stoke equalised and they did late on in the second half. I had just about greened up my profit to equalise it across all outcomes so I won money no matter what when Man Utd retook the lead. It was a close one as I very nearly turned a nice win into a frustrating loss.

So in the end the market was right but if you had punted on Man Utd to win the match at 1.28 you would have lost a few hairs by the end of the 90 minutes that’s for sure!

The game today between Manchester City and Arsenal was another prime example of why we trade the odds in play and not straight bet on football. Pre-match I heavily fancied Man City and so it seems did a lot of people.

I was having a good read on a few betting forums this morning and saw many people saying they were lumping on Man City or just straight laying Arsenal. Arsenals price was at 3.2 which before the match looked like great value for the lay.

The match also started in a way which confirmed my suspicions with City almost taking the lead in the 1st minute! However, just 5 minutes later and the match was effectively over in my view. The red card for Boyata completely changed my view of the game and I could no longer be confident that Arsenal weren’t going to win the game. I was able to make a swift exit and salvage most of my stake so no real damage done. The game did end 3-0 to Arsenal so it was bullet well and truly dodged.

However, I did have to feel for those who were tipping up Man City pre-match as one of the things that can change the whole outlook of a football match is a red card. If you had just put your money on pre-match your bet would have lost almost all its value just 5 minutes in without a goal even being scored! Remember if you trade you always have a chance to get out and lose less if something like that happens!


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