[REVEALED] Football Trading Simulator – Details, Results, Demo, Release Date + MORE!

It has been hard to keep quiet about this but I finally can reveal more information about the upcoming “Football Trading Simulator” which is a SERIOUSLY exciting project and one we have been working on in secret the past few months.

For those unaware this is a neat piece of software that we have created that does pretty much as it says on the tin in that you can “Simulate Football Trading“.

This means that not only is this a tool that you can use to learn and practice football trading with but you can also use it in-play to predict prices AND use it to create and test YOUR OWN football trading strategies in RAPID time.

And so, in trying to create a “simulation” tool that would help beginners we have actually created something that should help ALL football traders in some way and yes even EXPERT football traders.

I am aware there are slightly “similar” tools out there however check through all of this to see how different this one actually is.


Like Neo in the Matrix, if you knew what was going to happen before it happened then you could be prepared for it which would be a huge advantage right?

In football trading it might even help you dodge a few bullets!

And probably the main way I would expect beginners to use the Simulator is to allow it to “predict the future” and tell us WHERE the prices will be at certain points in the match so you can be prepared for anything!

Those with more experience of football trading might claim they “know” where the prices will mostly be but this tool is a darn sight more accurate and definitely beat me most of the time.

I have decades of experience and I can probably tell you “roughly” where the prices will be at certain points of the match but the software was often getting it right down to the tick.

Just plugin in the starting prices of any match and then you move the timer or adjust the score-line to see where the prices will be in certain scenarios.

You can use this to learn the market movement OR plan ahead of a real life football match.

Watch the video below to learn more!

If you are interested in getting the Football Trading Simulator when it is released then get on the waiting list for it. There will be a big EARLY BIRD discount for those who get it on release date which will never be repeated.

Submit your email address below if you haven’t already!



So we originally created the Simulator to be a way to track and predict in-play prices however during our own testing we found it had a (potentially) even BIGGER purpose.

And that is to use the software to assist in creating YOUR OWN strategies.

And like when Neo learned Kung-fu just by using a simulator and not risking his physical self. We can now learn and/or create different strategies without risking our physical money.

Previously, if you had an idea for a football trading strategy you would have to wait for an in-play match to test it out. Then you would STILL have to wait for the scenario you are looking for and even after that you only have 1 data sample to move forward with.

And by then you might have an even better idea to try out!

We have all been there.

Anyway, with the football trading simulator this is no longer an issue.

You can try your strategy idea out and using “manual” mode you can control all the conditions such as the market prices and goal timings.

This way you can truly measure best case and worst case scenarios as you plan out your football trading strategy.

Plus you don’t have to put any money in!

Watch the video below to learn more!

Remember, if you are interested in getting the Football Trading Simulator when it is released then get on the waiting list for it. There will be a big EARLY BIRD discount for those who get it on release date which will never be repeated.

Submit your BEST email address below!



And then the best part and something expert football traders will also love is the ability to then TEST your strategy within the software an UNLIMITED number of times using “simulate random match”.

Other simulators will limit you to just a few scenarios to trade, here you have an unlimited amount.

Once you have tweaked a method to what you feel you are comfortable and happy with then usually you would have to wait for real life matches to happen (that fit your strategy) and begin testing from there.

But using the Simulator you can run a test yourself and really put it to battle against an infinite amount of challenges.

The HUGE benefit here is the time saving aspect.

In the football trading simulator you can trade a full 90 minute match within 90 seconds and within even an hour you might have traded a months worth of football matches that would now give you a good idea of the potential of your strategy.

Check the below video to see it in action!


So as you can see this is looking a pretty good tool that can be useful to most football traders from beginners through to expert.

And there is actually MORE to come and MORE to be revealed.

Keep in mind, this is nothing like using demo mode that some software offers. Using that you are still reliant on trading the action during real time whereas with this you can speed it up and see the results much quicker and trade matches when there isn’t even any football on.

Other similar simulators also limit you to the amount of matches you can simulate whilst this tool gives you “all you can eat”.

Not many things out there like this, that is for sure!

No idea of the release date just yet but you can be sure this won’t be available to the public anytime soon but it will be available via private invite.

I think this will be a HUGE help to many football traders out there so I am working double hard to get this out there ASAP!

Submit your best email address below to get yourself on the priority list and learn more details.



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  1. Hi Ben, is this not Soccer Mystic that is included within Bet Angel? If not are able to advise how it is different?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Yes it is similar, but you can use this away from live matches and actually simulate the trades, backing, laying, cashing out. So you can practice your strategies over and over on either real matches or simulated random matches. Check video 3 to see the main feature for more experienced traders like yourself.


  2. frank robinson says:

    Looks Good BUT!!!

  3. this looks pretty cool, if it too expensive it will be difficult for me to pay into, however when i can afford it will yes pay into it, it has a lot of great opportunities ben great software thanks for sharing

  4. Any plans to do for tennis as well.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Good idea Gytis and I already inquired with Andy (the developer). Fingers crossed!

  5. Hi ben looks good can it access historical data (odds from betfair at the time of the match being played) so i could go through my spreadsheets and work out strategies based on games ive already picked and traded thanks

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Good question Simon!

      So it wouldn’t load up the actual odds from that specific match but if you still have the starting prices from the match you are interested in you could put them in with manual mode and it should generate a pretty accurate replica of that match.

      From there you would enter the goal times of said match and you can “re-trade” it if you wish and try different strategies!

  6. Hi Ben
    Ref 3rd video, you say games are random, but can you select only games your interested in. Is there a list?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Paul

      There isn’t a specific list, if you wanted to select only matches you were interested in you would just keep clicking through till it shows one up, usually a few click throughs till you find a preferable match. Kind of like rolling a dice and see what comes up!

  7. Hi Ben, looks great. Hoping there are more markets in the finished release? Especially for 1st Half strategies like Over 0.5 goals. Lay the HT Draw etc. Would definitely be interested if the price is right!

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Good thinking Robert, we are trying to push it as much as possible!

  8. This looks to be an excellent piece of trading kit, Ben.

    I notice the “New Sheet” button is greyed out for creating new worksheets. Would you consider including 2 or 3 blank sheets on the finished product? I like to make jottings as I’m going along, and these extra sheets would be very useful.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Stuart,

      So like a blank extra sheet for your own note taking? I don’t see why not but I will definitely ask!


    2. Sports Trading Life says:

      We should be able to add a “notes” sheet for things like that!

  9. Hi Ben, in your simulator are just selected leagues or can I use for any match in the world? Regards

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      We have selected leagues for more accurate pricing and analysing. But if you wanted to do any match in the world you just enter the starting prices of that match and it will work like that, just the team names won’t show up.

  10. Hi Ben , from where do you get all the data to be able to test new strategy ; i understood i can enter manually the starting prices but do i need To get Betfair To be able To play with this beautiful tool ? Because i can only use OrbitX , i m in Switzerland and can t get betfair …hope you understand my question..cheers

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Zoran

      The data is already built in, no Betfair needed or even an internet connection!


  11. so l wait here from brazil too get this software ok but i hope not too expensive please
    hello for brazil to you nice

  12. Hi Ben, how big(old) is the database in the simulator? Since you said it’s offline, can it be updated in the future?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      It is since 2012.

      Yes it can be updated but there might be a limit the amount of matches it can store. Not even sure if would need more matches to it if you mean just for the random match feature?

      1. It may be a bit complicated to explain my thought process but in short… Is it doable to add some flexibility to the simulator?
        Maybe the possibility of choosing leagues and teams similar way as it is in the powersheets? Or maybe just the option to choose the odds range i.e for a draw and then other fields like teams and O/U 2.5 will be filled accordingly?

        And 2nd question is what leagues the simulator store matches from? Is it all English divisions plus some major European leagues or some less popular leagues as well to have a chance to view odds in less liquid markets?


        1. Sports Trading Life says:

          Hi Arlo,

          1 – So in order to find specific odds ranges the best thing is to go to manual mode and the simply enter the market prices you are looking for and create your own market basically.

          2 – Here are the leagues: English Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Turkish Premier League, Belgian Premier League, Portugal Primeira, Eredivisie.

  13. Hi Ben.. Is this available now?

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