From Bad To Worse!

There was some dramatic action in the Champions League last night and the Chelsea blip that was highlighted on Monday could well be developing into a crisis. I mentioned that its always worth opposing the teams that are going through a bad patch and right now Chelsea are just ripe for the taking. They were 2.34 favourites going into this match against Bayer Leverkusen but with the way things are going right now they are simply unbackable. Things are just going from bad to worse for AVB and you do have to fear for his future since the last Chelsea manager to start this badly was Phil Scolari and he was gone by January that season!

It really was a thrilling end to the match for neutrals (and traders). A late goal looked on the cards as the match went from end to end. This was definitely one of those matches where it was worth laying the draw or Correct Score late on as the situation presented some value since both teams were going for it. The draw traded as low as 1.12 before the Bayer Leverkusen header was scored. I was happy to lay the 1-1 Correct Score @ 1.60 and let it run till the end of the match since the match was as open as it was.

Very soon, I am going to write a piece on “how to read football matches” which will definitely help newbies with their in-play trading and allow you to make more educated decisions on when a goal is likely compared to when it isn’t!


Chelsea are still favourites to qualify @ 1.45 but Villas-Boas is right to be praying as he might need some help getting through this. They have to avoid defeat and also avoid a score draw to qualify. So, apart from a 0-0 draw, Chelsea will have to beat Valencia which won’t be easy. Especially, if they aren’t out of this slump by then. I am sure its going to be a very dramatic match against Valencia on December 6th. The type of drama we aren’t normally used to seeing at this stage of the Champions League, that is for sure.

All my concentration on the in-play markets was focused on the Chelsea match so I missed out on the drama in some of the other matches. AC Milan- Barcelona looked like another cracker judging from the highlights.

New Trend?

I have observed an interesting pre-match trend in the Champions League markets in the past few rounds that is worth investigating more. This is something I have noticed happening pre-match in most rounds this season but I have only really noticed it in the “corner of my eye” so to speak. Annoyingly, I remember this trend happening two years ago but never followed it up!!

When it happened yet again on Tuesday, I decided it was worth monitoring and I recorded the results of it yesterday for the first time and it was very profitable indeed. As well as being very low risk too!

I have put them up on the Total Football Trading forum for members to have a look at and share their views. So login and check it out if you are a member! Hopefully, this isn’t a trend that is limited to the Champions League alone either!


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