Is The Lay 0-0 Correct Score Strategy Profitable?

Can it work? Can you really make money simply laying the 0-0 on Betfair’s Correct Score market?

We look into the ins and outs of a very popular newbie approach which is laying the 0-0 outcome on a football match. This means only 1 goal needs to be scored in order to win.

And with 92%+ football matches having at least 1 goal this can make this approach sound easier than it actually is.

This video covers:

  • Quick Demo Of Winning a 0-0 Lay [£50 Profit in 8 minutes]
  • Why It Can be a DANGEROUS method to use
  • How Most Newbies Go HORRIBLY Wrong With It.
  • Whether or not, this CAN be a profitable method?

You will see that although we managed to win £50 for a quick 8 minutes of “work”, this is actually one of the pitfalls of this sort of method as it can trick you into thinking it is always this easy.

Then when you see the amounts we have to risk in order to make the profit you might have even more second thoughts.

Watch the full video to get all the details on this approach.


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One Comment

  1. Phil Hall says:

    I’ve lost about £70 in 3 matches this weekend
    Newcastle v Southampton cashed out 85min 1-1 loosing £20laying the draw and backing the 1-1
    Arsenal v Brighton 2-2 loosing another £20 laying the draw and backing the 1-1
    Changed tactics and went for correct score on the arsenal v west ham backed correct score to 2-2 and arsenal won 3-1 lost about £36.
    Got told I should have spread so all the scores are covered but don’t know how to do that. I’m having a break can’t afford keep loosing

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