How It Played Out – Premier League Winners Market 2012-13

aaaaaWith Manchester United finally crowned champions this ends one of the most one sided title races in Premier League history and this was reflected in the winners market where there was nothing much to write home about either. It certainly was not as exciting as the finish we had the season before from a trading perspective.

You would have certainly made money and not been made to sweat for it if you had backed Man utd from the start.

On the very first day of the season, Man City were 2.30 and Man Utd were 3.50 for the title.

The highest Man Utd were matched at was 3.80. The lowest Man City were matched at was 2.16.

The big turning point in the title race was the Man Utd 3-2 win at the Etihad in December according to the markets. Man Utd were priced @ 2.10 before that win but after the win they were into 1.65 and never looked back, the highest they went after that was 1.75!

Personally, I am thankful I did not get involved in this market as much as I usually do. In these long term markets I usually like to oppose the team that has the early momentum and in this case I would have been laying Man Utd all the way to the death with no hope of profit. My only involvement was a lay of Man Utd when they went below 1.25 as this was around February and I felt that was too early. Sadly, the market beat me this time but I am thankful I did not put more in as there just did not seem to be any opportunities at all on this market this season.

As you can see from the chart below, it was a steam train down to 1.01.

man utd title race


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