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Tennis Trading Vs Football Trading – Main Key Differences Explained [VIDEO]

Recently, I have been getting lots of emails from people who trade football and want to give tennis trading a go.

This is normal at this time of the year and the tennis markets are full of opportunities and possibilities.

But those who approach tennis trading after trading other sports like football often have a tricky time getting their head around it.

At the same time, there are many who trade football already who might be wondering if trading tennis would ever be for them.

And so in this video I go over some of the KEY differences to be aware of when trading tennis instead of football.

Interestingly, most of the main differences actually make tennis sound like the more preferable sport to trade.

You will see when you watch the video anyway 😉

In this video you will discover:
1) Tennis or Football? Which might suit you better?
2) The #1 Mistake Football Traders Make When Trading Tennis
3) Which sport has the MORE opportunities per match (on average)
4) Why NO market suspensions in tennis is a GOOD thing.
5) And more…



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