Do You Need Software To Trade Football On Betfair?

football trading softwareA common question I often get emailed to me is people wondering if there is a real need to use software when trading football on Betfair.

This is actually a very good question as I would say that out of all the sports available to trade, football is the one where you need software the least. But as with most things it really does depend on the situation.

Do You?

If your football trading style involves goal demanding strategies and waiting for a goal or a certain amount of time to pass before managing your position then using software is probably not that necessary. With the cash out features available on the Betfair interface and the Betfair app itself then you could just use those to manage your position. You could even do it manually which can be good, especially if you have the “what if” function activated.

So if this is your trading style then software is not that crucial however I would still recommend it. Being able to get in and out of a position with one click makes life ten times easier on Betfair. There has been times where I have used the Betfair interface for a football trade but I could not tell you the amount of times that another goal has gone in when I was trying to work out my position manually. Most of the time this goal will not be in my favour and so now I always use software, no matter how small the trade is.

If you are an in-play scalper or have any sort of need to get in and out of the markets quickly then it goes without saying that you will need software as using the Betfair interface alone would be a nightmare for that trading style.
I would go as far as to say that using software to trade football is not essential but it does help and if you are serious about football trading then you should get some software. Put it this way, I do not know a single professional that does not use software when trading on Betfair. 😉


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