+£595 By Doing Nothing [Football Trading Example Inside]

So I am finally wrapping up working with the beta testers on Ultimate Football Trading and it has actually been a lot more fun than I was expecting. I have enjoyed showing them the basic strategies from the course along with a few more advanced tips and tricks to help them improve their profits.

Recently I showed examples of how to do profit multiplication which is basically leveraging profits when in a strong position.

Now in the last session I showed one beta tester how you can make money by not cashing out immediately.

Let me explain….

One thing many newbie football traders do is cash out too quickly. They see the profit and they cash out. This is fine most of the time but in certain situations you can actually be more creative and make more money that way. Remember, if you are in a strong green screen position then you are in a position of strength and cashing out quickly is usually the last thing you should do. Always consider ways to extract full value from the trade.


So I was working with beta tester Paul over Skype recently and he has good success with one of the strategies from the course called “Fireball Reloaded”.

While we were on Skype he hit a winner on a match between Atlanta and Napoli. He was already to “cash out” when I told him to wait a moment.

I said the away team have just gone 0-2 ahead and the match is still open. Don’t cash out yet but do remove your liability from the trade.

So he followed my advice and sent me the above screenshot. What is interesting is that you can see that if he was to cash out his profit is £290.

Nice profit and Paul was eager to cash out as you can imagine.

But if just one more goal goes in then he stands to make £885 profit.

I told him wait for 5 minutes and you might just make an extra £595 by doing nothing.

In this situation you are in a position of strength, the markets immediately after a goal do not move that quickly against you and even when they do you can still cash out and maybe take £250 (worst case scenario) instead of £290.

Like I said, wait just 5 minutes and see what happens. If the match is still open then stay in there for another 5 minutes and see what happens.  At least wait until the cash out amount shows “£250” to amek your decision.

Paul was nervous which is understandable but I reminded him, “You can not lose from here

In the end, we only had to wait 3 minutes….

Like I said, there is no rush to immediately cash out as soon as you have the green screen. Especially in a goals market situation where another goal going in can double or triple your profits.

Extracting full value from the trade is the art of sports trading.

With £885 in the bank and Napoli going hell for leather for an equaliser I did tell him to go for one more goal market lay to try and score £1000 profit on the match overall.

This was a lay @ 1.40 and well worth going for considering the openness of the match and the strong profit we had already scored.

But in the end a 4th goal never arrived but Paul still managed to score a nice profit of +£825 on this match. Not a bad days work at all and this would not have been possible if he was a “cash out robot” like some newbies can be.

Anyway, for those interested in more details on Ultimate Football Trading be sure to check the blog on January 9 for a BIG announcement regarding it.

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