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The Season Of Darts Trading Is Upon Us!

darts trading strategiesOne of my favourite times of the year is finally upon us and it has nothing to do with Santa Clause….

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The 2013 PDC Darts World Championships gets underway this weekend and this is a great time for Sports traders.

If you have never tried trading darts before it really is worth a go. The Match Odds market is a two-way market which means you can see the prices go all over the place if the match is tight. The markets severely overreact when players get early leads and you will see plenty of players beaten at prices lower then 1.10 and plenty of times when a player will go below 1.10 then shoot back up to prices around 2 and back down again.

Every match will be live on Sky Sports and I can smell the drama ahead.

It really is going to be a fun time. If you do not have a clue how to trade the darts then be sure to check The Trend Report 4 which includes a guide to darts trading along with key entry points and a strategy to use on the upcoming tournament. You can read more about that here..

Enjoy the next few weeks, although I bet many will be watching Darts just for the walk on girls!

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