How To Back & Lay Under The Minimum Betfair Stake

We all know Betfair is a wonderful site for punters however one thing that annoys many is the fact they have a minimum stake requirement. Most bookmakers will accept minimum stakes of around 5p but Betfair has a minimum stake of £2 which can be a little annoying if you are just starting out with a small bank.

As you can see below, I wanted to back AC Milan with just a single £1 but Betfair will not let me.

betfar minimum 1

The trick I am going to show you today is a pretty well known one and is something that Betfair themselves are fully aware of so if it were illegal in anyway they would have shut down this loophole by now. That being said, I would not overdo using this trick and only use it every so often.

This can be handy for those with a small bank or those who want to test a strategy with small stakes. It is also pretty simple once you get into the routine of doing it.

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Step 1:

betfar minimum 2

So you go to the selection that you want to back or lay and change the odds to something high that probably will have no chance of getting matched. So I decide to back AC Milan @ 1000 which I know will not get matched once I click on “place bets”.

betfar minimum 3

As you can see, my audacious bet of £2 on AC Milan @ 1000 does not get matched but this is what we want.

Step 2:

betfar minimum 4

Now what you do is input another bet for the amount you actually want to back minus the £2 we already tried to put on. So in this case I want to put £1 on AC Milan £2 + £1 = £3 and this is how much I will now input.

If I wanted to only place a 50p bet then my new bet now would be £2.50 and so on.  Once that is in I click submit.

Step 3:

betfar minimum 5

You should then be faced with this screen above. In order to get my £1 bet matched all I now need to do is change the odds from 1000 to the current odds which are 4.9 and press submit.

betfar minimum 6

Now you can see, the market has accepted my £1 bet on AC Milan.

betfar minimum 7

Do not forget to click on “cancel all unmatched” to get rid of the other £2 bet or you might find that will be accepted without you realising!

Final Result:

betfar minimum 8

And there you have it. I have managed to get my £1 bet on AC Milan matched!

This is definitely very useful for those who want to try out strategies with small stakes.


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  1. Why not just back ac milan at 4.9 for £3 then lay them for £2 at the same odds result a £1 bet

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Dan,

      That could be a good way of doing it to save time but you will lose a bit of potential profit on the spread since you would have to lay @ 5 in this example.

      But still a good alternative!

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