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999-1 Cheltenham In-play Winner

Easily the biggest headline from the first day of the Cheltenham festival was the sensational gubbing in the 2nd race of the day.

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The favourite Champagne Fever started @ 4 and led the race pretty much all the way until the horse was beaten by a nose after a late charge by the winner, Western Warhorse.  It required a photo finish but it did not require much studying.

This led to carnage on the markets as you can imagine. Champagne fever traded down to as low as 1.15. The horse looked so comfortable I was surprised it did not touch 1.01. Western Warhorse was matched @ 1000 for £39.

Watching the race live you simply did not see it coming and I guess the layer @ 1000 thought this was easy money. 999-1 winners in horse racing do not happen every day and they certainly do not happen at a big event like Cheltenham very often. Amazing stuff.

cheltenham 1000 winner


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