The LTD: GOLD Trading Strategy

lay the draw gold strategyLTD Gold or “Lay The Draw Gold” is a football trading strategy that was available within the “members methods” section of the Trend Report Issue 4. The fact that this method is bundled in with lots of other methods is probably the reason why I feel it is quite an underrated strategy and one that many have overlooked.

 This strategy involves combining two TFT methods to form a hybrid strategy and the name makes it obvious which strategies you are combining.

 The entry for this method is at the half time mark or early in the second half and it pretty much relies on one goal being scored in the second half to avoid taking a loss. I said “avoid taking a loss” as there are a couple of scenarios that can transpire with this strategy. The first is locking in a decent profit from the 40-80% range, the second is breaking even and the third is a loss.

 As mentioned earlier you need at least 1 second half goal for the strategy to provide a positive result so this should mean that you have a high strike rate with LTD Gold.

Any Good?

 The part about the strategy I can imagine many having trouble getting their head around is the 2nd part of it whereby if the goal does not arrive by a certain point your best case scenario is now a break even one. Most sensible traders will not have a problem with that but I can imagine the less experienced will get frustrated at seeing the goal arrive and realizing there is no profit produced without taking into account that they have actually just avoided a loss.

 Also, since you have to manually activate the 2nd part of the strategy when things are going against you I can easily imagine many will try and “hang on” and probably end up taking a full loss. As with most strategies this is definitely something you will have to be disciplined with.

 It is not hard to filter matches where you can see at least one second half goal and the risk-reward ratio of the strategy should make it easy to cover the odd loss that you will get. This is definitely good for the more reserved trader.

 I certainly think this is a very underrated strategy and I must admit to not using it often myself but I will certainly be using it more in future.

If you want to check out “LTD Gold” for yourself then it is available within “Trend Report Issue 4”. Use discount code STL to save money!



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