A Closer Look At: The Time Bomb Strategy – Dynamic Football Trading

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The Time Bomb Strategy

The Time Bomb StrategyThe Time Bomb Strategy is one of the five strategies available as part of Dynamic Football Trading by Steven Hall.

This strategy focuses on the goal markets and most specifically the Under/Over 2.5 Goals market. It has a pretty good risk-reward ratio but there are different scenarios that can transpire. The best case scenario should see a 40% profit return on your stake. The worst case scenario should see a 45% loss on your stake on average. You should also experience a high strike rate in excess of 70% success but the profit returns will vary depending on what stage of the trade you reached.

Without giving too much away to protect the paying customers, this strategy involved 3 different entry points and this can depend on the action you are watching. The author does advise only using this strategy when watching the match live but also suggests using his “3 factor formula” to judge the likelihood of a goal filled match.

At the end of the day, if you see a fast paced football match in the first half then you will more then likely be opening this strategy and the thing I like about it the most is that the longer the goal takes to arrive, the more profit you will make. This is good for psychological reasons mainly since it can be very annoying to get into the markets, see the price go against you, then the goal you wanted arrives but you can actually even lock in a worthwhile profit. I know many football traders feel the same and this strategy is planned out well so you will find the opposite. The longer the goal takes to arrive, the more you make!

The bad points about this strategy is that, in my view, watching the match really is essential to trade this at its best. I found my strike rate to be much higher in matches I was watching and losses were actually quite rare when I was watching it live. This is a bad point in that it means that your opportunities are quite limited with the method but there is nothing stopping you from finding your own filtering method to find the best matches for this method when you can not watch it live.

The author does not suggest what to do if there is an early goal so I assume this means “no trade” however I am sure that if the match is still showing the right indicators then you should just get involved on the Over 3.5 Goals market.

Overall, I have found this to be a very powerful strategy and one you can use on the majority of football matches in some way. From what I have seen you have to be very unlucky to consistently find loser with this strategy but you also need a bit of luck on your side to get the “big” winners also which will mean some patience is required.

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