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Well Monday has passed and it seems the Betfair Casino Happy hour scandal is over for some, whilst its getting a hell of a lot worse for others!

The good news….

Well lets start with the good news. I am told that some people who took part in the promotion and had their accounts locked in the past week have now had their accounts re-opened and their winnings returned to them which is great news. Many of these people who have had their money returned have said that they did play fairly on the casino.

The bad news….

However, they seem to be in the minority as many people have received a generic email from Betfair stating that…..

in light of our finding that you have acted in contravention of Betfair Casino’s Standard Terms and Conditions, we have debited your account with a sum equivalent to the bonus funds and winnings associated with the ‘Happy Hour’ promotion in which you participated”.

Some might argue that it would be slightly more fair if Betfair just reset accounts to their original standing before the promotion started and returned deposits however what seems to be happening is they are resetting peoples accounts to their original balance as it stood before the promotion started however they are NOT refunding the deposits that were made to take part in the promotion. So if your balance stood at £100 at 9pm before the promotion began, and then you deposited £500 during the promotion. Your account would have been reset to the original £100 you started with and the £500 you deposited will be firmly in Betfair’s pocket.

This is before we even get on to the amount some people may have won from the amount promotion which could be a lucrative amount. A Sports Trading Life reader Emanuel has said Betfair have taken up to £32k from his account! The key point to understand is that Betfair seem to be taking only peoples winnings with no reports of anyone who originally lost money being refunded.

This in my view is outright theft and I really hope that those affected manage to claw it back.

What is even more bizarre is that some people who have openly admitted on forums to playing the casino using the “risk free” method have had all their money returned, whilst some who apparently didn’t do any risk free play have had their money and winnings confiscated!

The ugly news…

Then just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it seems that those who managed to withdraw their cash “safely” back to their bank or Moneybookers before Betfair realised the error have been issued with an email demanding they pay the money back to them by November 26TH or else the “appropriate action” will be taken. Which, from personal experience, I assure you will be a letter from a solicitor!

Either way, this whole debacle is going to end in tears for many people and it just seems so odd that Betfair would resort to rogue behaviour all of a sudden. Makes you wonder who you can really trust in the world of gambling!

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  1. Just to keep you informed, my bank account manager doesn´t know yet how it was possible for betfair to chargeback 32000€ because he said the money was available in my account for 55 hours, and that´s a strange situation. We are investigating the situation and hopefully my bank will refund my money and talk with betfair about this. Sad days for me and my family.

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