Serena Williams Causes Tennis Trading Carnage

williams betfair oddIf you are a backer of low odds then this Wimbledon tournament will have been a nightmare for you. Adversely, the layers are having a field day at the moment.

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“Dead Cert” Serena Williams was beaten after trading as low as 1.01 in her match against Lisicki. Overall, £3.7 million was matched on Williams from prices sub 1.10 down to 1.01. Only, £5k was matched @ 1.01 which I guess is lucky for some as it could have been much more when you see the money matched on the other prices.

Lisicki was matched @ 55 in-play.

The moment when Williams did touch 1.01 was when she went 3-0 up in the 3rd set. The markets clearly over estimated that lead since it was only a single break point ahead and when Lisicki got that break point back the match was totally level once again and in the balance. I must admit to thinking that Williams was in full control at that point but definitely not a 1.01 shot. Very often the markets fall in love with a big name and this was another example.

The strangest part of it all was that when Lisicki was serving to win the match… Williams had a break point at Advantage to get back into it. The markets were so in love with Serena that they now put her as 1.80 favourite to win the match, even though Lisicki was 3 points away from winning the match herself.

You can get an idea about some of the carnage from the pics below.

The shock exit of Williams caused a huge shake up in the Wimbledon Winners market also. They now have Lisicki @ 3.90 as the favourite to win it all. This is quite significant as she has been matched as high as 200 in this market before. There could be a big pay day for some if she goes on and wins it all.

williams wimbledon shock 2

williams wimbledon shock


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